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• 12/3/2018

December roadmap

IO released their roadmap for all HITMAN goodness for the month of December. Featured Contracts, Escalation Contracts, and the second Elusive Target are coming. Read on below for dates and more details!

HITMAN 2 - December Roadmap - IO Interactive
HITMAN 2 - December Roadmap - IO Interactive IO Interactive
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• 11/27/2018

Sean Bean "death threats"

Apparently you should be careful about mentioning trying to assassinate or kill Sean on Twitter, as no one gave a memo to the bots over there that he's an Elusive Target (Mark Faba). You may just get your account banned :/

Twitter Suspends User for Saying He'll Kill Hitman 2 Elusive Target
Twitter Suspends User for Saying He'll Kill Hitman 2 Elusive Target PlayStation LifeStyle
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• 11/11/2018

The Russian Hare

How do you achieve the Russian Hare rating in Hitman: Blood Money?
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• 10/29/2018

Blood Money

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• 10/23/2018

Delgado Cartel

Since Hitman 2 is on the way, I was wondering if it's okay to start off an organization or stuff. Right now, I want to know if it's okay to add a page about the Delgado Cartel? I remembered their origins were started off as Chilean in Blood Money lead by an ex intelligence officer Fernando Delgado.

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• 10/19/2018

HITMAN Halloween pack

Don't forget to download the free HITMAN Halloween pack! It won't be around for long!

HITMAN Halloween Pack
HITMAN Halloween Pack YouTube
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• 10/17/2018

Similar games to Hitman?

Hey all. I'm a big Hitman fan, and I've been pretty big on the sniper gameplay with the series since Codename 47. I even wrote a bit about my favorite sniping games of recent memory (https://www.gamersdecide.com/pc-game-news/10-best-sniper-games-play-2015 if you want to read it) but not many seem to focus on the type of "classy" take Hitman usually brings to the formula. I was curious to what would be closest to Hitman when it comes to the design. I would presume, again, just on my experience, that the closest thing is Sniper Elite, but it obviously doesn't play like Hitman.

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• 10/13/2018

Ghost Mode preview

If you're curious as to what the upcoming Ghost Mode is or simply want to take a look at it in action, FANDOM got to play around with it a bit! Take a look at the vid below!

New Multiplayer Mode for Hitman 2
New Multiplayer Mode for Hitman 2 YouTube
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• 1/12/2018

Spotify Hitman: Blood Money playlist.

Here is my Spotify Hitman: Blood Money playlist :D Enjoy while driving, making homework, yeah even playing gmaes :D
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• 12/29/2017

Redesign for HITMAN™

I solely manage, admin, moderate and contribute to the NieR: WIkia and some other great games and after playing HITMAN™ and searching for things on the wikia i'd like to start reorganizing / redesigning some of the pages. Just through looking at some pages a lot of weapons have different data boxes which makes no sense and the layout of each is different and not organised. I will keep a set standard and layout with the new weapons (starting with those that haven't been added yet) keeping with the design and theme of the wikia obviously. If a mod doesn't like the pages i've created feel free to contact me here on my talk.
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• 12/16/2017

The hijackers of the diamonds to Mark Purayah II

So after mission Flatline in Blood Moneys, I found this article in the news. Could that be the ones who's one member gives the briefcase of diamonds to Billy Jack, the courier of The Crows in the scenematic start of The Murder of Crows???
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• 8/19/2018

Hitman 2 News

Hitman 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers, Story, News | GAMERS DECIDE
Hitman 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers, Story, News | GAMERS DECIDE GamersDecide.com
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• 8/12/2018


Hi Everyone, Check out This HITMAN: SNIPER Gameplay.
Trying to Achieve the only HeadShot Kills.

Show Your Love by Like and Subscribe.

Getting Hands-On - HITMAN SNIPER | No Breath Hold HEADSHOTS | Download Links
Getting Hands-On - HITMAN SNIPER | No Breath Hold HEADSHOTS | Download Links YouTube
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• 7/25/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum will be converted to Discussions posts, so nothing will be lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Admin_and_Moderator_Tools_in_Discussions

Have fun!
Admin and Moderator Tools in Discussions
Admin and Moderator Tools in Discussions Community Central
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• 8/12/2017

Hitman Absolution Canon?

It's not canon in my opinion.
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• 5/19/2017

Modifications in Absolution

Hello, guys. Can somebody write me costs of modifications of weapons in Absolution?
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• 2/20/2017

Hitman Wiki Discord Chat

The Hitman Wiki Discord Chat is now open for public use!
Discord, compared to Wikia's chat with ChatHacks, is much nicer and effective as a client-based community chat system. And now, I have opened one up for the Wiki!
To join, click the link at the top of this post, make an account, verify an email, and become part of the server!
The link will also be under the Community tab permanently. All Chat Rules apply to the Discord chat. All rules should be read before joining.
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• 1/2/2017

Regarding Anonymous Editing

In tune to the recent spam from a Russian bot, I've decided to take action (other than deleting the pages).
I've disabled the ability for anonymous users to use the wiki. They can still browse and look at pages, but now they can not:

Create Pages
Use Message Walls/Comments
I know this will inconvenience a lot of users, and for that I am sorry. I felt this decision would help in the future for spam like this; and will easily help me keep track of things. Besides, why wouldn't you make a Wikia account? Get yourselves acquainted with the community!
A reminder to everyone; anyone who thinks spamming this type of stuff is a good idea and puts it into action here will get an instant perma-ban of around 9 trillion years.

On a happier note, I've enabled polls. You can now use polls in blog posts and in profiles! I didn't know why it was disabled; so knock yourselves out! I've put one on the front page as a test ;)

Be sure to check out the Hitman Wiki Twitter also; we're beginning to get it into motion with screenshot of the month and daily reminders and such.
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• 12/20/2016

Design a mission!

Good morning, 47. Your destination is the Blackford Penitentiary in Colorado. Your targets are Linus B. Kerrigan, leader of drug trafficking prison gang The Blue Hogs, and his second in command Marc Hale. Kerrigan is planning a prison break but Hale, the brains of the plan, is serving time in solitary for assault. Our client, a rival gang who doesn't want the Blue Hogs out, hired us to stop the prison break. The targets should have a backup plan, so be careful. I will leave you to prepare.
Prison guard.
Health inspector.
Blue Hogs member.
Marc Hale.
Linus Benjamin Kerrigan:
Backstory: Linus B. Kerrigan is not your everyday criminal. Born to two oil magnates, he had a steady education and had a Bachelor's Degree in criminology. Since the police didn't accept him due to his thuggish nature, young Kerrigan took a job as an underground cage fighter. As he got deeper into his work, he cut off ties to his family, raised up the ranks and became the leader of a rather large gang. Kerrigan tried robbing a bank in an attempt to get rich quick but their superior technology trumped over him, sending him for a 25-year sentence in Blackford Penitentiary. Kerrigan, despite being rude, violent and impatient, is a very honourable man. Though Hale already crafted his plan for him, he refuses to escape without his partner.
Behaviour: Kerrigan would spend his time wandering around the main cellblock, picking fights and being a jerk. As a guard, you can send him to do menial work in the bathroom. You can also lure him into the warden's office to discuss his behaviour (specifically stuffing a toothbrush up his rival's ass). Kerrigan runs a boxing match. You can disguise as his opponent, David Bruiser, and fight him. The fight goes on until you knock him out. However, snapping his neck in front of the audience will make them panic and run for the guards. Kerrigan will hang around the ring if Bruiser doesn't show up, so you can drop a light fixture on his head.
Appearance: Kerrigan wears an orange jumpsuit, standard prisoner attire. He is African-American, has unkempt hair and a muscular frame. He has multiple blue tattoos on his arms and legs.
His codename is "The Boss".
Marcus "Marc" Hale:
Backstory: Despite being described as a thug, Marc Hale has an IQ of 150 and got a Master's Degree in mechanical engineering. Despite his great mind, Hale was never one for social skills. A bully, a misfit and codescending as hell, Hale was fired from 7 jobs (which included being a university professor). Falling back on his college friend, he joined him in a failed bank robbery, leading to their arrest. Hale believes in 47's existence, and even included a barcode tattoo at the back of his head. Despite being far more competent than Kerrigan, he lacks the loyalty and kindness to his crew, and would likely abandon them to save his own skin.
Behaviour: Hale spends the entire time inside a solitary cell the size of a queen size bed. Though he is helpless, the area is monitored by security who will strike if they see you enter (unless you are a guard, the warden or the health inspector). If you leave an opening for him as a guard, he will dash out and try to escape, which would usually end in failure unless you knock out the guards for him. As the warden, you can free Hale and send him to the cellblock, but he would hang around the prisoners and be hard to kill except for the pipe bomb opportunity.
Appearance: Hale wears a straightjacket and a light grey jumpsuit. His appearance resembles 47's. He has a Blue Hog tattoo on his chest.
His codename is "The Prisoner."
The Boxing Match: Kerrigan runs a boxing match every afternoon. How thrilling.
According to the prisoner, Kerrigan loves revisiting his days as a boxer and showing off his might. He has an duel every now and then His opponent is David Bruiser, who broke his leg when he slipped in the shower. Kerrigan is anxious to fight but nobly lets Bruiser to take as much time to recover as he likes. Let's not keep the man waiting, 47.
Working is a Privilege: The jail forces inmates to do menial chores. May turn out more interesting than expected.
Blackford Penitentiary makes their prisoners do menial work to save money on cleaners and give the guards a break. Kerrigan has not done his share of cleaning the bathroom. Maybe we should remind him.
A Soldier's Regrets: A death row inmate whose execution is today. Could turn out interesting.
Former soldier George Kane is scheduled for execution for a multiple-homicide. His head will be covered in a mask during the execution. You won't mind helping a veteran, won't you, 47?
Escape Equipment: Kerrigan made a makeshift bomb to blow their way to freedom. Pretty impressive, I must say.
Kerrigan is crafting a pipe bomb to blow a hole to freedom in their escape plan. He left his work in the cell. How convenient.
Kill Kerrigan with poisoned cafeteria food.
Kill Kerrigan by drowning him in a toilet he is cleaning.
Kill Kerrigan by pushing him off the cellblock.
Kill Kerrigan by crushing him with a light.
Kill Kerrigan by blowing him up with his own explosive.
Kill Kerrigan by swapping him for a death row prisoner (electric chair).
Kill Hale with poisoned water.
Kill Hale by blowing up the solitary confinement room.
Drive Hale to suicide (banging his head against the floor) by tinkering with the lights and intercom.
Kill Hale by sicking the guards on him in his escape attempt.
Kill Hale by pushing off the roof in his escape attempt.
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• 9/29/2016

What maps do you want to see in Hitman?

I want to see a wedding, a construction site and a mall.
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