This is a full list of the places visited by Agent 47 in all four games.

Hitman: Codename 47

Mission Country Area Target
Training Romania Asylum Nobody

Kowloon Triads in Gang War

Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant

The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant

The Lee Hong Assassination


Hong Kong


Red Dragon Negotiator

Blue Lotus Emissary

Hong Kong Chief of Police

Lee Hong

Find the U'Wa Tribe

The Jungle God

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Colombia Orinoquia Region Pablo Ochoa
Traditions of the Trade Hungary Budapest Frantz Fuchs / Fritz Fuchs

Gunrunner's Paradise

Plutonium Runs Loose

Netherlands Rotterdam Arkadij Jegorov

The Setup

Meet Your Brother

Romania Asylum

Dr. Kovacs

Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer

The Hong, Fuchs and Jegorov assassinations are specifically revealed to be in Hong Kong (Kowloon to be exact), Budapest and Rotterdam respectively. The Ochoa assassination involves the U'Wa tribe, a real life indigenous tribe settled in Northeastern Columbia. The asylum in Romania, as revealed in Silent Assassin, is not very close to any of their major cities.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Mission Country Area Target
The Gontranno Sanctuary Italy Noto

(Vittorio's Church)

Anathema Italy Palermo

(Villa Borghese)

Giuseppe Guillani

St. Petersburg Stakeout

Kirov Park Meeting

Tubeway Torpedo

Invitation to a Party

Russia St. Petersburg

Russian Army General (Unnamed)

General Makarov / Igor Kubasko

General Mikhail Bardachenko

General Vladimir Zhupikov / Spetsnaz Agent (Unnamed)

Tracking Hayamoto Japan Honshū Masahiro Hayamoto Jr.

Hidden Valley

At the Gates

Shogun Showdown

Japan Hokkaido Hayamoto Masahiro Sr.

Basement Killing

The Graveyard Shift

The Jacuzzi Job


Kuala Lumpur

(Petronas Towers)

Brat Charliego Sidjan

Charlie Sidjan

Murder at the Bazaar

The Motorcade Interception

Tunnel Rat

Afghanistan Nuristan

Ahmed Zahir / Mohammad Amin

Abdul Bismillah Malik

Yussef Hussein

Temple City Ambush

The Death of Hannelore

Terminal Hospitality

India Punjab

Indian Assassins

Hannelore von Kamprad

Deewana Ji

St. Petersburg Revisited Russia St. Petersburg Sergei Zavorotko / Agent 17
Redemption at Gontranno Italy Noto

(Vittorio's Church)

Sergei Zavorotko

The Gontranno Sanctuary is only the name of the church itself, not of any town. Hitman: Enemy Within reveals that it's near Noto, on the other side of Sicily. The Hayamoto Sr. assassination is more than likely in Hokkaido, the only island of Japan that receives significant snow. Hayamoto Jr.'s location is also somewhat ambiguous, but is stated to be in central Japan (Honshū). All other locations are specifically stated.

Hitman: The Enemy Within (Book)

Country Area Target

Yakima, WA

Seattle, WA

Big Kahuna / Marla Norton

Morocco Fez Ali bin Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Fulani / Marla Norton






Ali bin Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Fulani / Marla Norton

Lisbon Sintra

Aristotle Thorakis

The book conveniently states every location as a heading. Places that 47 is not particularly on assignment or even visits, but are still portrayed, consist of:

  • Cologne, Germany (Pierre Douay's castle)
  • Patras, Greece (Diana's tanker-ship-turned-yacht)
  • New York City, U.S.A. (Thorakis meets with Pierre Douay)
  • Kutum, Sudan (Background for Al-Fulani's child sex slaves)
  • Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A. ("Black Coral Key", where the ICA owns a mansion)
  • Noto, Italy (Airstrip where 47 meets with Father Vittorio)
  • Paris, France (Pierre Douay visits his boss in prison)
  • Rome, Italy (Diana is kidnapped, and 47 meets with Mr. Nu)

Hitman: Contracts

Mission Country Area Target
Asylum Aftermath Romania Asylum Nobody
The Meat King's Party Romania Bucharest


Campbell "Meat King" Sturrock / Andrei Puscus
The Bjarkhov Bomb Russia Kamchatka
(Remote Base)
Fabian Fuchs / Sergei Bjarkov
Beldingford Manor England Beldingford Estate
Winston Beldingford / Alistair Beldingford

Rendezvous in Rotterdam

Deadly Cargo

Netherlands Rotterdam

Klaas Teller / Rutgert Van Leuven

Arkadij Jegorov

Traditions of the Trade Hungary Budapest Franz Fuchs / Fritz Fuchs

Slaying a Dragon

The Wang Fou Incident

The Seafood Massacre

The Lee Hong Assassination

China Hong Kong

Red Dragon Negotiator

Blue Lotus Emissary

Hong Kong Chief of Police

Lee Hong

Hunter and Hunted France Paris Inspector Albert Fournier

This game consists almost entirely of flashbacks, many of them events in Codename 47. Most locations are specifically stated, including Kamchatka (a peninsula in eastern Siberia). Beldingford Manor's location is not confirmed, but it is very rainy and the manor is bordered by a large body of water to the north.

Hitman: Blood Money

Mission Country Area Target
Death of a Showman USA Baltimore

(Southland Amusement Park)

Joseph Clarence
A Vintage Year Chile
Don Fernando Delgado / Manuel Delgado
Curtains Down France Paris


Richard Delahunt / Alvaro D'Alvade


USA Northern CA (Pine Cone Rehabilitation Center)

Carmine DeSalvo / Lorenzo Lombardo / Rudy Menzana

A New Life USA San Diego, CA (Suburbs) Vinnie "Slugger" Sinistra
The Murder of Crows USA New Orleans, LA Mark Purayah II / Angelina Mason / Raymond Kulinsky
You Better Watch Out…. USA Rocky Mountains Lorne de Havilland / Chad Bingham, Jr.

Death on the Mississippi

Till Death Do Us Part

USA Mississippi

Skip Muldoon/ Gator Gang

John "Pappy" LeBlanc / Buddy Muldoon

A House of Cards

A Dance with the Devil


Las Vegas, NV


(Shark Club)

Mohammad Bin Faisel Al-Khalifa / Tariq Abdul Lateef / Hendrik Schmutz

Anthony Martinez / Vaana Ketlyn / Maynard John / Eve

Amendment XXV USA

Washington, D.C

(White House)

Daniel Morris / Mark Parchezzi III
Requiem Unknown Unknown Alexander Leland Cayne / Rick Henderson / All witnesses

Thanks to a newspaper feature that was new to the game, most locations are specifically stated, apart from two. You Better Watch Out is either in Montana or Colorado, near a lake surrounded by snowy mountains. Requiem is somewhere in the US, bordered by presumably the ocean to the west and close enough to Washington DC to hold a quick funeral. Flatline and A New Life, both in California, are at the two ends of the state, as revealed when Diana says in A New Life "we're sending you down to the other end of the state, 47".

Hitman (film)

Country Area Target
Agadez Bwana Ovie
St. Petersburg Mikhail Belicoff
Istanbul Mr. Price / Udre Belicoff
St. Petersburg Mikhail Belicoff
London Nobody

Locations are mostly said outright. The city in Niger is identified only as "Shanty Town", but a scene soon after shows it's location on a map to be in central Niger, perhaps west of Agadez.

Hitman: Damnation

Country Area Target

Mt. Kangchenjunga / Kathmandu

General Nam Vo
Jamaica Ocho Rios Hector Corado
Chicago, IL Dana Linder
Stafford County, VA Charlie Wilkins
Cyprus Nicosia Colonel Bruce Ashton
USA Washington, DC Charlie Wilkins

Places that 47 is not particularly on assignment or even visits, but are still portrayed, consist of:

  • Paris, France (Diana's hotel room)
  • Guadalajara, Mexico (Where 47 buys new Silverballers)
  • Brooklyn, NY, USA (Cherry Jones' house)
  • Harrisburg, PA, USA (Where 47 is almost buried alive)

Hitman: Absolution

Mission Country Area Target
A Personal ContractThe King of Chinatown / Terminus / Run For Your Life / Hunter and Hunted / Rosewood USA Chicago, IL Diana Burnwood / King / Blake Dexter / Dom Osmond / Wade

Welcome to Hope / Birdie's Gift / Shaving Lenny / End of the Road / Dexter Industries / Death Factory / Fight Night / Attack of the Saints / Skurky's Law / Operation Sledgehammer

USA Hope, SD

Hope Cougars / Lenny Dexter / Sanchez / The Saints / Clive Skurky

One of a Kind / Blackwater Park / Countdown USA Chicago, IL Blake Dexter
Absolution UK Cornwall, England Benjamin Travis


  1. Mission
Country Area Target
Freeform Training / The Final Test Greenland ICA Training Facility Kalvin Ritter / Jasper Knight
The Showstopper France Paris (Palais de Walewska) Viktor Novikov / Dalia Margolis
World of Tomorrow / The Icon / Landslide Italy Amalfi Coast (Sapienza) Silvio Caruso / Francesca De Santis / Dino Bosco / Marco Abiatti
A Gilded Cage / A House Built on Sand Morocco Marrakesh Claus Hugo Strandberg / Reza Zaydan / Kong Tuo-Kwang / Matthieu Mendola
Club 27 Thailand Bangkok (Himmapan Hotel) Jordan Cross / Ken Morgan
Freedom Fighters USA Colorado Sean Rose / Ezra Berg / Penelope Graves / Maya Parvati
Situs Inversus Japan Hokkaido (GAMA Facility) Erich Soders / Yuki Yamazaki


  1. Mission
Country Area Target
Nightcall New Zealand Hawke's Bay Alma Reynard
The Finish Line United States of America Miami Robert Knox / Sierra Knox
Three-Headed Serpent Colombia Santa Fortuna Rico Delgado / Andrea Martinez / Jorge Franco
Chasing a Ghost India Mumbai Vanya Shah / Dawood Rangan / Wazir Kale
Another Life United States of America Vermont

(Whittleton Creek)

Janus / Nolan Cassidy
The Ark Society North Atlantic Isle of Sgàil Zoe Washington / Sophia Washington
Golden Handshake United States of America New York

(New York)

Athena Savalas
The Last Resort Maldives Haven Island Ljudmila Vetrova / Tyson Williams / Steven Bradley

Sniper Assassin 

  1. Mission
Country Area Target
The Last Yardbird Austria Himmelstein Dorian Lang / Guillaume Maison / Doris Lee / Bodyguards
The Pen and The Sword Singapore Hantu Port Re Thak / Lhom Kwai /Jin Noo / Bodyguards
Crime and Punishment Russia Siberia Roman Khabko / Vitaly Reznikov / The Siberian Tigers
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