.45 Therapy is an assassination to achieve in the World of Tomorrow mission in Sapienza.



Quick walkthrough

  • Objective: Shoot Caruso with a pistol disguised as the therapist.
1. Start in the main square.
2. Go across from the villa and behind the coffee shop.
3. Wait for the waiter to take a smoke break.
4. Take the waiter's disguise and hide his body.
5. Get into the first floor of the coffee shop (by climbing the drain pipe next to the waiter disguise).
6. Grab rat poison.
7. Poison the coffee drink at the table with 1 cup close to the table where you can blend in.
8. Walk over towards the therapist to listen to his conversation in order to get the opportunity.
9. Wait for therapist to drink from the coffee and follow him into the bathroom.
10. Take the therapist disguise.
11. Get into the villa without being frisked by guards (key card in Rocco's apartment to the right of entrance or scale wall into tower to the left of entrance).
12. Talk to the butler and follow him to Caruso's room.
13. Wait for Caruso to lie down and start talking.
14. Shoot Caruso with your silenced pistol in the head.
ICALogoRecreation It's a straightforward assignment, 47.
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