A House of Cards is the tenth mission in Hitman: Blood Money. Agent 47 is assigned to eliminate Hendrik Schmutz, a white supremacist, Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa, the Chief Executive Officer of APEX International, and Tariq Abdul Lateef, Mohammad's scientist.



Agent 47 eliminates his three targets, steal the Sheikh's diamonds and is able to escape the casino.

Mission information


Welcome to Las Vegas, 47. There's a white supremacist from South Africa, his name is Hendrik Schmutz, who is trying to sell some DNA material and lab reports to the wealthy Mohammad Faisal Al-Khalifa. The sheikh is working for someone else, but we're not sure who. Our client wants to force them into the open by disrupting the deal. You've got three targets: the Afrikaner, the sheikh, and the sheikh’s scientist, who'll be there to verify the material. We've been losing a lot of agents lately, 47. Any mission could be a set-up at this point.


  1. Kill Tariq Abdul Lateef
  2. Kill Hendrik Schmutz
  3. Kill Sheikh Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa
  4. Retrieve the diamonds (optional)
  5. Escape the casino.


HitmanBloodMoney Shamal

Agent 47 entering the casino.

  1. It would be wise to check in at the reception as one of the first things you do at the casino.
  2. Security is very tight in high profile casinos, so staff have keycards which only provide access to the floors they work on.
  3. As requested, we have left you an agency pickup in your hotel room.
  4. The casino has strict fire-safety procedures. Easily accessible fire alarms are located on the top floors.
  5. It's important to find good vantage points. Room balconies may provide this.
  6. The VIP Lounge has been reserved all day by the Sheikh - only waiters are allowed in this area.
  7. There is no cell phone coverage inside the casino to prevent cheating. Anyone receiving a call has to step outside.
  8. The items used in the trade are carried around in an ordinary looking suitcase so they don't catch too much attention.




  • The upper floors have fire alarms that can be activated to make everyone on that floor evacuate in front of the elevators for a short time.
  • If an RU-AP mine is detonated on the upper floors, the fire alarm and fire sprinklers will be triggered causing everyone on the floor to be on full alert. The alarm will remain permanently activated in this scenario.
  • A drunk woman near 47's hotel room will invite him to hers. If followed, the woman will pass out in front of the television. Her room provides an ideal vantage point to snipe Schmutz.
  • Schmutz will immediately become hostile if he sees you carrying his DNA briefcase.
  • If you contact Al-Khalifa via Lateef’s cellphone and try to snipe him from the rooftop but miss, he runs down to the casino and eventually returns to the roof where you can snipe him again. He then becomes stuck following this pathway and rather than avoiding danger he returns to it.
  • If you kill one of Lateef’s bodyguards (the one who exits the passenger door of the limo) and initiate the meeting (either dress as Schmutz or let him live) the game will freeze. The particular bodyguard is the courier and the game script will not go forward, meaning if you are dressed as Schmutz at the meeting you will not be permitted to leave without gaining hostility from fellow bodyguards.
  • It is possible to kill Lateef in a car accident using his own limo by luring him in front of it with coins.
  • Hendrik goes to his room twice before the meeting commences.
  • If an RU-AP mine is placed inside the DNA briefcase and sent to Lateef for testing, it will automatically explode when he opens it killing him instantly. If he dies this way, it will be ruled as an accident. You can still be able to collect the RU-AP mine given that The player has not manually detonated it.
  • The description for the for Room 807 Keycard erroneously states that the room is located on the 7th floor, when it is actually on the 8th floor.


A House Of Cards Targets (DBurnwood ICA File)

ICA File for this mission.

  • There are 129 NPCs in this level.
  • In this mission, 47 is signed in under the alias "Dr. Cropes," an anagram for "Corpse".
  • This is the only mission in the game where the ICA crate will have equipment for 47, even if nothing was sent to the crate before the mission.
  • The mission takes place on June 9, 2005, while the next mission takes place next door a few months later.
  • The post-mission newspaper has an article of a mysterious Southern high-roller using a fake name.
  • The Xbox 360 version has a sound glitch that occurs when entering certain locations in the level.
  • One of the slot machines near the stairs blurts out "Chicken Poop"
  • An ICA file for the mission is shown in trailers for Hitman: Absolution, listing the three targets.


★ Hitman-Hitman Blood Money - Mission 10

★ Hitman-Hitman Blood Money - Mission 10

A House of Cards - Professional / Silent Assassin

Hitman Blood Money - A House of Cards

Hitman Blood Money - A House of Cards

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