A Vintage Year is the second mission (and first non-tutorial level) in Hitman: Blood Money. Agent 47 is assigned to eliminate Fernando Delgado, owner of Colchagua Valley Vineyard, and his son Manuel Delgado.


47 receives an ICA briefing contained on a flash drive. He loads it into his laptop and receives the mission details. He must eliminate Fernando Delgado, a former colonel of the Pinochet regime, who owns a vineyard that is actually a front for a cocaine factory. In order to make the assassination appear to be a drug-related hit, 47 must also eliminate Delgado's son Manuel, and escape via a seaplane kept in an underground hangar.


47 successfully eliminates his targets and escapes via seaplane. The assassination of Fernando Delgado attracts the attention of the US intelligence agencies, in particular Alexander Leland Cayne, who suspects that 47 is the only person capable of pulling off such a feat on his own.

Mission Information


Hello, 47.

Your next target's in Chile. His name is Fernando Delgado. Used to be a Colonel in Pinochet's intelligence service; now he's running a cocaine factory under cover of a vineyard. Satellite imaging suggests that the lab is underground.

Fernando's son Manuel is in on the coke trade, so to make it look like a drug hit, you'll need to take him out too. We'll get you in with a pensioner's club from Santiago for the big celebrity unveiling of Delgado's new wine label, named for 80s "B" action star Rex Stanton.

There'll be at least one T.V. crew on hand, so keep an eye on them and their cameras.

Delgado's got a seaplane, and that may be your best way to get out in a pinch.


  1. Kill Don Fernando Delgado.
  2. Kill Manuel Delgado.
  3. Escape the Vineyard.


  1. The guided tour of the wine cellar might prove useful, especially when looking for potential death traps.
  2. We've heard that Manuel likes to entertain friends and enjoy the merchandise in the wine cellar.
  3. The entrance to the secret lab is hidden somewhere in the wine cellar.
  4. The insides are guarded by highly trained guards.






  • 47 can explore the wine cellar in his suit without arousing suspicion, providing he sticks with the guided tour.


  • There are 61 NPCs on this level including 30 bodyguards so watch out for.
  • "A Vintage Year" is a term used to describe a year in which the wine produced was of especially high quality. 
  • The classical instrumental played by Fernando Delgado is Johann Sebastian Bach's Cello suite No. 1, prelude.
  • Considering Delgado's Hacienda produces both wine and cocaine, it is worth noting that there is no sign of agriculture of any kind in the surrounding area for growing either grapes or coca.
  • This is the only confirmed mission in the entire series where Agent 47 visits the Southern Hemisphere, though it is possible that Find the U'wa Tribe, The Jungle God and Say Hello to My Little Friend take place in the part of Colombia that is south of the Equator.
  • It is considered that Delgado produces quality wines, and is mentioned several times throughout the mission. However in the post-mission newspaper, the caption beneath Delgado's photograph says that Delgado is infamous for making some of the worst wines in all of Chile.
  • Agent 47 can throw an RU-AP mine onto the balcony (in front of where Delgado plays the cello) from the ground below.
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