The Agency Heavy Trooper outfit is the outfit worn by ICA's tactical assault operatives. The outfit has a body armor embedded with it.


"This outfit is worn by the ICA's tactical assault division. The ballistic vest, helmet and Kevlar reinforced combat uniform provide excellent protection."

This armour, as mentioned in the description, offers 47 with more endurance for bullets.


The Agency Heavy Trooper outfit appears in the following missions:

Perhaps the easiest location to obtain this outfit is in the "Burn" area of Operation Sledgehammer. In the smoke and confusion near the beginning of the mission, two agents donning Agency Heavy Trooper outfits will systematically clear the first room, and can be easily flanked.

The troopers are the toughest enemies in the game, with high armor and automatic weapons, even tougher than SWAT officers.


  • If this disguise is worn in contracts mode, the NPCs will comment on how badass you look. Sometimes they will even think that you are part of the US military. They will say thing like "wish had join the marines" or "the army."


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