The Agency Kazo TRG is a sniper rifle found in Hitman: Absolution. It was made instantly available in Contracts Mode to those who pre-ordered Absolution from GameStop, through the Hitman: Sniper Challenge.

Picking up the standard Kazo TRGs and Black Kazo TRGs found in Absolution will not grant access to this weapon.


"The Kazo TRG is almost unique in being a purpose-designed sharpshooter rifle. Deadly, adaptable and accurate, the Kazo is 47's preferred tool for sniping."


The Agency Kazo TRG is customizable, and can be fitted with any three of the following upgrades simultaneously:

  • Silencer - Decreases noise, but also decreases accuracy, base damage and the range at which the weapon deals maximum damage. Each upgrade level weakens the accuracy and base damage decreases, but not the damage range decrease.
  • Extended Clip - One extra round per clip for each upgrade level.
  • Extra Clip - One extra clip for each upgrade level.
  • Rapid Fire Bolt - Increases rate of fire. Each upgrade level strengthens the rate of fire increase.
  • Magazine Well - Increases reload speed. Each upgrade level strengthens the reload speed increase.
  • Low Velocity Ammo - Increases accuracy and rate of fire, but decreases base damage. Each upgrade level not only strengthens the accuracy and rate of fire increases, but also weakens the base damage decrease.
  • Modified Stock - Increases accuracy. Each upgrade level strengthens the accuracy increase.

Four of the above upgrades and an assassin technique may be thoroughly unlocked through playing the Sniper Challenge, by achieving target scores:

  • Silencer - 0
  • Controlled Breathing I - 10,000
  • Extended Clip I - 300,000
  • Rapid Fire Bolt I - 1,000,000
  • Magazine Well I - 2,500,000
  • Controlled Breathing II - 7,000,000
  • Extended Clip II - 9,000,000
  • Rapid Fire Bolt II - 12,000,000
  • Magazine Well II - 15,000,000
  • Controlled Breathing III - 20,000,000
  • Extended Clip III - 30,000,000
  • Rapid Fire Bolt III - 40,000,000
  • Magazine Well III - 50,000,000

The upgrades unlocked through the Sniper Challenge, such as the Rapid Fire Bolt and the Extended Clip, are among the most useful available for the rifle, but it leaves several upgrades completely untouched.


The Agency Kazo TRG is unique compared to its standard Kazo TRG and Black Kazo TRG counterparts, and is not found within the campaign missions. It must be purchased with $1,600,000 from Contracts mode.


  • Kazo TRG: Green in color, with black accents. Is is the base variant.
  • Black Kazo TRG: Identical to the standard Kazo TRG, but black in color.



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