"Another brother? Thought I killed all of you. I wondered who was behind all of this; trying to kill me with a lesser hitman."
Agent 47

Agent 17 (also known as "Mr. 17") was Dr. Otto Ort-Meyer's first successful cloned assassin, and is the predecessor to Agent 47. He is very similar to Agent 47 (and in turn, the No. 48's) in appearance, with the difference that he wears black sunglasses and an orange colored tie.


Early Life

While Agent 17 was a healthy clone and a perfectly capable assassin, Ort-Meyer found out, upon upbringing and training him, that he did not possess any enhanced strength or endurance over that of an average human.

He also appeared to be incapable of independent thought, and therefore Ort-Meyer regarded him as a disappointment, and eventually had him locked away deep within the asylum.

Assassination Attempt

Years later, he was found by Sergei Zavorotko and the Mystery Man, when they were searching the facility sometime after Ort-Meyer's death.

Zavorotko found Agent 17's skills useful, and lent him out to Deewana Ji to whom he had sold a nuclear device. Deewana's cult would, however, with help from Agent 17, trick Zavorotko and steal the warheads in his possession. After Agent 47 killed Deewana, Agent 17 tried to kill him by confronting Agent 47 near his extraction point and leading him into a trap, but failed to do so. Agent 17 would then go back to serve Zavorotko, who eventually sent him out to kill Agent 47.


During St. Petersburg Revisited, Agent 47 was requested to kill Zavorotko on order from the United Nations. However, Zavorotko had anticipated it and sent Agent 17 there. In the end, Agent 17 ended up being killed by Agent 47, who remarked on how he thought he had killed all of his "brothers".


  • Assassination Mastery: Like all of Dr. Ort-Meyer's clones, Agent 17 also has improved assassination, stealth and infiltration skills. He also has some tactical abilities.


  • Lack of Enhanced Abilities: While Agent 17 was a perfectly healthy and stable clone, he was considered a disappointment due to his lack of enhanced physical abilities and enhanced intelligence, which many clones after him seems to possess.
  • Lack of Independent Thought: While a capable Assassin, Agent 17 did not possess any form of independent thinking and thus could not improvise and always required guidelines to operate.



  • Apart from Agent 47, he is the only other Ort-Meyer clone able to go outside of the Asylum.
  • Apart from being on his own, Agent 17's suit gives a striking resemblance of the guards from the first mission, Anathema.