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Agent 47 (also known as "The Hitman" and "47," as well as many aliases) is the main protagonist of the Hitman franchise. He is a professional hitman and formerly top agent for the International Contract Agency, after exposing agency information to the public ended them permanently. His genetically engineered mind and body cause him to be considered the greatest assassin in the world.

Agent 47 was created by Dr. Ort-Meyer as his 47th clone in his underground cloning laboratory, disguised under the surface appearance of a sanitarium.



Agent 47 is a genetically enhanced human being, his DNA is the culmination of decades of secret research into gene augmentation. His creation was funded by five criminal masterminds who donated their own DNA to the project.[2]

47's five genetic fathers, from left to right; Pablo Ochoa, Ort Meyer, Lee Hong, Frantz Fuchs and Arkadij Jegorov

In the 1950's, five men of various nationalities began serving in the same unit of the French Foreign Legion, namely, Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer, Lee Hong, Pablo Belisario Ochoa, Frantz Fuchs, and Arkadij Jegorov.[2] After finishing their service, Ort-Meyer started up a mental institution in Romania as a cover for genetic experiments, while the other four became major crime lords and terrorists. In exchange for research funding, Ort-Meyer decided to provide his former comrades with donor organs harvested from clone bodies, which could extend their longevity. Therefore, even while the terrorists were in their 60s, they looked much younger.

Dr. Ort-Meyer's goal was to create "perfect assassins" who could be as physically fit as humanly possible and were capable of obeying orders with devotion and unquestioning loyalty.[2] Dr. Ort-Meyer tried to make his discoveries public before the 47 clone was created, however, he was discredited as a scientist by his peers as they thought that Ort-Meyer's radical theories were insane.[2]

Infancy and Tube

Agent 47's barcode.

Agent 47 was created on September 5, 1964, in Ort-Meyer's asylum in Romania. He had the numbers "640509-040147" tattooed on the back of his head ("64-05-09" is the date of creation, "04" marks he is part of Series IV, "01" marks that he is the first, and "47" is to represent that he is the 47th), followed several years later by a Universal Product Code. Dr. Ort-Meyer saw 47 as his first genetically complete success and gave him slightly more attention, even though he had other specimens to consider.[3]

From ages five to seven, 47 was quiet and showed little social interaction. His only display of affection was towards a runaway laboratory rabbit he adopted on August 21, 1970, displeasing Dr. Ort-Meyer.[3] However, it died on May 2, 1972. Ort-Meyer noticed 47 crying and was surprised, as he'd never seen any of his clones do so before. Five years later, 47 also showed affection to a pet mouse. He cared for the mouse for about a month, until it was killed by a fellow clone as a cruel prank.[3]

Subsequently, after (or during) 47's creation, five more 47 clones were made.[4]


Young 47 and older Subject 6. .png

As portrayed in the comic series Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman, 47 had formed a brotherly relationship with a clone named 6 and together they were an impressive team of assassins. Ort-Meyer would often send his clones on assassinations for extra income - 47's and 6's targets included two plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Blue Seed Pharmaceuticals, Peter and Nancy Burnwood, coincidentally the parents of 47's future ICA handler Diana Burnwood.

At one point in their childhood on March 23, 6 convinced 47 to run away from the asylum with him, and they took refuge in a small farming village before being apprehended again. They would try again many years later in 1989 - while on assignment in Berlin, they coerced a German scientist to neutralize their explosive chip implants (he was the same person to have designed them, while being employed by Ort-Meyer), after which 47 killed him against 6's intentions. When they returned to the asylum as instructed, they attempted to free the rest of the clones (killing several guards in the process) before 6 escaped and 47 was taken in by the rest of Ort-Meyer's security. 6 would go on to live in the outside world under the assumed name Lucas Grey.

47 has very different memories of a "6" clone in the novel Hitman: Enemy Within; in this version of events, 6 bullied him until 47 killed him in a bathroom stall when they were both 12 (circa 1977). 47 then achieved a daring escape from the asylum, during which he made a fiber wire out of a windowsill and broken parts of a broom, oiled squeaky door hinges to sneak out, and stashed a bow and arrow to kill a guard dog before he jumped the gate and hitchhiked into a Romanian town. He first noticed luxury clothing stores, which may have influenced his penchant for suit-and-tie apparel as an adult. Later, an asylum doctor found him at a bus stop and ironically rewarded him with a pancake breakfast. He explained to 47 that he was right to kill that series 6 clone and had done a good job of it, but should in the future only kill when instructed to do so.

When 47's memory was wiped with an experimental serum in Birth of the Hitman, Ort-Meyer convinced him of the Enemy Within version of events, making a passing reference to "how you killed your tormentor, 6, at the age of twelve." 47 insists "That's not what happened, father", to which Ort-Meyer replies "When we're done here, 47, it will be."

Between ages thirteen and twenty-three (1978–1987), 47 began a fairly negative relationship with the asylum staff, attributed to his chronic uneasiness stemming from his regular medical checkups and frequent injections. On one occasion, 47 stabbed a doctor repeatedly with several needles, thus, prompting Dr. Ort-Meyer to assign more security for 47. Along with the other clones, 47 was trained from youth to kill efficiently. He was instructed in the use of firearms, military hardware, martial arts, the use of disguises, and the use of more classical tools of assassination like the infamous fiber wire and sniper rifle. During his training, he was noted for his exceptional marksmanship, as well as for attacking the asylum staff with homemade slingshots, all of which were promptly confiscated. He also shot smiley faces into targets when he was bored. This is one of the only possible examples of 47 being exposed to pop culture, although all of the clones were sufficiently educated about the outside world by using traditional school textbooks.

As a result of the training he had received in his childhood, 47 can wield any weapon with ease on a mission, and can improvise and use common tools with deadly precision.

Last Years at the Asylum

On September 5, 1989, Dr. Ort-Meyer went so far as to remember 47's twenty-fifth birthday in his journal, although 47 himself didn't, along with comments that he had become "mature" and stopped many of his bad habits. In 1993, he stated that 47, now almost thirty, had passed every test he can think of and is his most skilled clone.

Similar to the experimental serum that erased 47's memory of 6, additional serums were administered to all the clones to try to do away with their emotions. Birth of the Hitman recounts that in 1996, the serums made most of the clones manically depressed, some dying of starvation, dehydration and infected bedsores as a result. Ort-Meyer had made at least 81 clones by then, but they were too weak to carry out assassination contracts in the outside world. Eventually, 47 was the only clone still left at the asylum - most were dead while others, such as 6, fell through the cracks and were living in the outside world.

Everyone backing Dr. Ort-Meyer's research, from Providence to his French Foreign Legion friends, had grown weary of funding him with little results, and relations between them soured. Dr. Ort-Meyer sometimes blatantly suggested that he would use the clones against his French Foreign Legion friends if he felt necessary. Meanwhile, Providence demanded that Dr. Ort-Meyer turn 47 over to their care, after which they would shut down his operation. In 1999, as seen at the beginning of Hitman: Codename 47, Ort-Meyer purposely created a gap in the asylum's security for 47 to escape.

The very next morning, Ort-Meyer was visited by Providence's Constant Arthur Edwards, who tells him he can resume operations to make them more clones, saying "If I were a more suspicious man, I'd say you've made yourself indispensable, at a time when you were very much disposable". It was probably after this arrangement that Ort-Meyer would produce the 48 Series, rapidly aging them to adulthood - despite the likelihood that a previous "Subject 48" died as a result of the serum, Ort-Meyer likely reused the number 48 because their design was heavily based on 47.

Joining the ICA

According to 47's ICA file from the Hitman: Absolution trailers, the International Contract Agency first took an interest in 47's activities in 1998 and enrolled him in 2000.

Birth of the Hitman portrays an incident in late 1999, when multiple contracts were out on the life of Bricolage Technology founder Franklin Marchand - publicly known as a producer of satellite technology, he had a side business producing chemical weapons in Afghanistan, and a leak at one of his secret plants killed at least 500 people in the immediate area. He was set to make a rare public appearance at Place de la Concorde in Paris to announce a relief fund for impoverished people in Afghanistan; 47's unknown client insisted that Marchand die in an apparent accident, telling him "No other circumstances tolerated. If Marchand dies any other way, he'll be propped up as a martyr." Meanwhile, someone else had hired the ICA to do away with Marchand, and they sent a four-member team to gun him down. 47 subdued the ICA team in rapid succession, then held a cab driver at gun point to make him run down Marchand with his car. Afterwards, Diana met with 47 in a bar and delivered ICA's offer to audition him, and strongly recommended to the ICA that they hire him.

The prologue of HITMAN portrays 47's audition for the ICA, conducted by training director Erich Soders and handler Diana Burnwood at a top-secret facility in a remote, snowy region. 47 went through rigorous training programs, psychological evaluations, and a thorough background check, although they found very little about 47's previous life. While Burnwood believed that 47 would be an invaluable asset to the ICA, Erich Soders was very reluctant to recruit 47 because of how little they knew about him, telling Diana, "Frankly, it's as if the earth just spat him out." Soders suspected 47 of lying about coming from a Romanian asylum, ironically because 47 covered his tracks perfectly. Soders grew displeased with this lack of information on Agent 47's background, as there was nothing from 47's past that the ICA could use as leverage against him, and administered the strictest possible tests on 47 in hopes of being able to reject him. Learning of this plot Diana also chose to "bend the rules" and helped 47 to pass his audition. 47 was then made a full agent of ICA and Diana Burnwood was assigned to him as his handler.

Assassination of the "Five Fathers"

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The Lee Hong Assassination

4 of 47's "fathers" and targets. From left to right; Lee Hong, Pablo Blisario Ochoa, Frantz Fuchs and Arkadij Boris Jegorov.

Lee Hong in Hitman: Codename 47.

One year after escaping the asylum and very recently after joining the ICA, Agent 47 is contracted to kill the criminal mastermind, Lee Hong. In order to get closer to Lee Hong, Agent 47 has to play the Red Dragon Triad against the Blue Lotus Triad. He first assassinates a Red Dragon Negotiator at a peace meeting, and frames the Blue Lotus Emissary. When the Blue Lotus Triad went to the Wang Fou Restaurant to apologise to the Red Dragon Triad, he kills the Blue Lotus Emissary and entourage, resulting in conflict escalation until the police arrived. During these negotiations, 47 murdered the Red Dragon Negotiator and framed him for the deaths of the Blue Lotus Emissary and Hong Kong Chief of Police, both killed by 47 himself. Finally, he assassinates Lee Hong.

Pablo Belisario Ochoa's Elimination

Agent 47 eliminating Pablo Belisario Ochoa.

After 47 kills Lee Hong, he is sent to Colombia, both of whom provided useful information to 47. He's sent to a mission inside the rain-forest to kill Pablo Belisario Ochoa. He wins the good favor of the U'wa tribe by rescuing both their idol and the chief's brother from Ochoa's men. In exchange, they tell 47 the location of Ochoa's camp. After he finds his way around the tribe's god of death Tezcatlipoca (in reality, a wild jaguar), 47 infiltrates the camp where he kills Ochoa and blows up his drug lab.

Fuchs Brothers' Murders

After 47 kills Pablo Belisario Ochoa, he is assigned to kill the three Fuchs brothers - Fritz, Frantz, and Fabian. Agent 47 first killed Fabian in Kamchatka, Siberia, alongside ex-Russian General Sergei Bjarkhov who was prepared to sell nuclear arms to the Fuchs brothers. 47 proceeds to Budapest, Hungary where he murders Frantz and Fritz Fuchs to prevent them from detonating a bomb at a United Nations summit. 47 kills the last two brothers in their hotel and steals their bomb from a dentist's office that the Fuchs brothers set up as a cover for their operation.

Arkadij Jegorov's Homicide

After the successful murder of Frantz Fuchs in Budapest, 47 is sent to Rotterdam, Netherlands. Coincidentally, a job opportunity unrelated to Ort-Meyer also brings 47 to Rotterdam; the Rotterdam chief of police pays 47 to kill Flaming Rotterdam leader Rutgert Van Leuven, recover some blackmail material, and kill Klaas Teller (a private investigator who previously failed to do the same job and was now the biker gang's hostage).

Unfortunately, the bikers are expected to meet 47's next target Arkadij Jegorov and tracking him down becomes more difficult with Van Leuven gone. 47 tracks one of their men to Jegorov, and successfully assassinates him.

Odon Kovacs' and Ort-Meyer's Death

The ICA finds out that all the hits were requested from the same person, Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer. Ort-Meyer requests 47 to kill one last person, Dr. Odon Kovacs. When 47 arrives at the asylum in Romania and kills Kovacs, 47 quickly regains the memory of his origin and goes in to kill Dr. Ort-Meyer (who calls a SWAT team to the asylum). Agent Smith is also coincidentally being held captive at the asylum, who revealed Ort-Meyer's underground inner sanctum to 47. 47 shoots his way through an ambush of the No. 48 clones, and confronts Ort-Meyer in his office, where 47 kills him by snapping his neck. 47 then ventures back up to the asylum, evades the Romanian authorities, and steals Ort-Meyer's car to escape.

Seeking a New Life

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For a year or two, after being called a legend and a myth, 47 attempts to leave his life as a hitman behind, instead of finding faith in a Catholic Church on the Sicilian countryside and working as a humble gardener. Most of the underworld has no clue where 47 is and assumes that he died.

However, 47 is tracked down by Sergei Zavorotko (a major arms dealer, in possession of WMDs, and 47's "uncle") along with a Mystery Man from the United States. Soon after, 47's mentor Father Vittorio is kidnapped by mafia Don, Giuseppe Guillani. 47 resumes his work as a hitman to rescue him, contacts the Agency for info and satellite footage of Guillani residence in exchange for a contracted kill. After 47 successfully kills Guillani, to his dismay Vittorio is again kidnapped by Sergei Zavorotko, unbeknownst to him at the time. 47 continues a string of dangerous missions, which were all paid for by Zavorotko to obtain various parts of a nuclear weapon, and to assassinate everyone who knew about his arms as well.

However, despite everyone who knew about his arms being dead, Zavorotko was exposed. Only a few people, including the Mystery Man and Agent 47, knew about it. He believed 47 leaked his involvement, even though that wasn't true. So he sent Agent 17, a loyal clone, to kill 47 after he completed his contract in India. However, 17 was unsuccessful, and 47 escaped. They then contacted the International Contract Agency, to eliminate Sergei, as the UN. As 47 was their best agent and had experience in the location, where he had previously assassinated Rinat S. Rumyantsev, he was sent to kill Sergei. Sergei obviously knew about this, and so he set up 17 there to kill 47 when he arrived. Despite their strategic planning, however, 47 killed 17. He then learned from 17's earpiece that Sergei was trying to kill him. He threatened Sergei to leave him alone, or he'll slit his throat. However, Sergei, even though surprised and shocked at first, instead provoked 47 further, by telling him he had Vittorio. This time, 47 lost it, and told Sergei to keep Vittorio out of this.

Zavorotko's Bodyguards then arrived and tried to prevent 47 from escaping. However, 47 still managed to get past them all and escape by the metro. He then arrived at Gontranno, where Vittorio had been kept. He indiscriminately killed all of Sergei's bodyguards, and eventually exploited Sergei's short temper to get him out of the confession box, where he had been holding Vittorio, and then killed him.

Vittorio then thanked 47 for rescuing him, and asked him to not lose hope and try to get back on the right path. However, 47 had learned that his only purpose in life was to be an assassin, and if he wouldn't fulfill his purpose, he will put himself as well as everyone around him in danger. Vittorio reluctantly let 47 leave his church, and gave him a rosary. However, 47 didn't take it with him, and hung it at the church door and walked away from there, and decided to embrace the fact that he was meant to be an assassin only.

Agent 47 kills Zavorotko and rescues Vittorio, after a shootout in the very same Sicilian church he had retired to and later used as a base. Vittorio gives him rosary beads and assures him that he can return to a peaceful life, but 47 leaves them at the scene. In the monologue, Agent 47 explains that he will never be safe and must remain a hitman to provide for and protect himself.

However, he was still in contact with Vittorio as of Hitman: Enemy Within and entrusted Sister Mary with Victoria in Hitman: Absolution, suggesting he did not abandon his faith altogether.

Getting Competition

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Agent 47 casually resumes his life as a contract killer for the next several years.

In the book Hitman: Enemy Within, the International Contract Agency is challenged by a rival called Puissance Treize (French for Power Thirteen) and 47 is tasked with killing a traitor of the ICA who sold information to them.

Near Death Experience

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On March 18, 2004, 47 is shot by a police officer, while returning to his hotel room after killing Richard Delahunt and Alvaro D'Alvade at an Opera Hall in Paris. He makes his way to his hotel room wondering how the officer knew him, only to collapse unconscious on his hotel room floor. While blacking out before being revived by an ICA medic, 47 thinks back on his previous missions.

After 47 regains full consciousness, detective Albert Fournier and his squad of SWAT have Agent 47's hotel room surrounded. Agent 47 escapes the hotel, killing Fournier, and meets Diana (in person) on a flight to the United States.

ICA Liquidation by the Franchise

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On the flight, Diana gives 47 a file explaining that they are again under the threat of a serious rival, known as The Franchise.

Diana handing the file on the anonymous group trying to liquidate the Agency.

They have serious connections to international governments and their own army of albino clones. As part of their goal to keep the cloning technology to themselves, they plan to make Daniel Morris the US President by killing politicians and having him succeed them (Vice President Spaulding Burke being their first victim, in a supposed car crash only a day ago, on March 17). Their leader, former Federal Bureau of Investigation director Alexander Leland Cayne, has an inferior cloning program and wants to replicate Ort-Meyer's methods, requiring Agent 47's bone marrow to learn the entire process.

As 47 continues his work, now living in the United States, most of the International Contract Agency agents and management are gone in a year and a half. On August 15, 2005, Diana explains to 47 that they are the only two surviving members of ICA and after 47's last assignment, she would split what was left of the ICA's money with him before they bid each other goodbye for good. 47 is soon after contacted by Agent Smith to kill now-Vice President Daniel Morris after Smith learns of his corruption and intent to kill President Tom Stewart along with Mark Parchezzi III, the albino assassin sent by the Franchise to kill the President when he returns from a visit to Los Angeles.

Agent 47 accomplishes the task on September 22, 2005, as a confirmed murder that gains a very large amount of media attention.

Only a little while later, Diana, hemmed in from all sides, decides to go over to the Franchise's side and helps the Franchise locate 47's hideout, going as far as to enter and subdue 47 by 'poisoning' him, in reality, injecting a type of poison that reduces 47's blood pressure to a very low level giving the impression that he is dead. Having secured 47 and successfully 'killed' him, Alexander Cayne welcomes Diana to the Franchise. At his mansion, just as 47 is about to be cremated, Diana revives him by kissing him with her lips covered with the antidote to the poison she gave him earlier, leaving the Silverballers across his chest, supposedly as a sign of respect. 47 is awakened to a bloody rampage where he kills all witnesses at the scene.

47 is alive and unidentified and meets with a crime figure (asking what they have to offer "preferably in the back"). What happens during the time in between is not specified in the games, but Agent 47 quickly returns to the ICA and resumes work with Diana Burnwood.

Back at the ICA

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Unbeknownst to 47, Diana has had a spat with her superior Benjamin Travis over the development of a "pet project," the engineering of Victoria, and plans to defect from the ICA before they kill her. Diana makes her move in September 2011, while she was helping Agent 47 on a mission taking place in Tibet at a rather crucial time. 47 is injured as a result but manages to eliminate the target and escape.

Twelve months after the Tibet incident, Agent 47 is paid by Roget to kill Hector Corado, both drug dealers in the Caribbean. Agent 47 successfully kills Corado during a yacht party hosted by organized crime billionaire Emilio Fernandez, off the coast of Jamaica. While 47 is flying to Rio de Janeiro aboard a private flight, the plane crashes into the sea, which 47 survives by jumping off moments before the plane crashes into the water. He is pulled aboard the ICA-owned Jean Danjou II. He is re-initiated into the ICA by Benjamin Travis, and assigned to kill US Presidential nominee Dana Linder and later televangelist Charlie Wilkins. Wilkins in fact ordered both hits, the first to position himself to run for President and the second to trap and silence Agent 47.

While investigating the Church of Will in Virginia, undercover as an Iowan farmer named Stan Johnson, 47 begins a romance with Wilkins' insecure personal assistant Helen McAdams, but she dies in a riot where 47 also manages to kill Wilkins (on November 1, 2012, four days before he would likely have been elected president) by driving over him with a truck. In Diana's absence, 47 is instead handled by Benjamin Travis, and their difficult working relationship prompts Agent 47's eventual rebellion.

A Personal Contract

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Agent 47 is then finally sent by Benjamin Travis to kill Diana Burnwood, who has holed herself and Victoria up in a rented mansion along Lake Michigan near Chicago, Illinois. 47 infiltrates the home and shoots Diana in the chest while she is showering. He accepts her dying wish to protect Victoria and kill Travis. On the way out, he asks Victoria why Diana saved her, and she tells 47 that she wanted to get her away from "the doctors." 47 recalls his horrible experience at Ort-Meyer's asylum before deciding to protect her. He then takes Victoria to Chicago's Rosewood Orphanage for safekeeping. 47 is considered rogue by Benjamin Travis, who issues a kill order on him. Blake Dexter, a weapons manufacturing magnate, is informed of Victoria's whereabouts by Dom Osmond and kidnaps her for both genetic research and to extort a ransom from the ICA. Agent 47 is aided by his own man about town, Birdie, who later betrays him to Dexter and the Chicago PD. Agent 47 is in Chicago for Chinese New Year, dating the mission Hunter and Hunted February 10, 2013.

Agent 47 follows Dexter to his hometown of Hope, South Dakota, where he kills most of Dexter's inner circle within a few days (the player has the choice of making 47 kill Blake's son, Lenny Dexter, or leaving him for dead in the desert). 47 then returns to Chicago where he infiltrates Dexter's penthouse, kills him and rescues Victoria.

Later, Agent 47 goes to Diana's supposed grave in Cornwall, England and kills Benjamin Travis along with his assistant, Jade Nguyen, where 47 implies to a dying Travis that he allowed Diana to live with a non-lethal gunshot. While Diana and Victoria are residing in a mansion, 47 spies on them with a sniper rifle. She wires money to 47 for his services and welcomes him back to the ICA.

A World of Assassination

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In 2020, Diana Burnwood surmised that four of 47's most recent assassinations (against the IAGO spy ring in Paris, development of a viral superweapon in Sapienza, Italy, and an attempted coup in Morocco, along with the assassination of Indie rock star and media heir Jordan Cross) were in fact orchestrated by a "Shadow Client", despite the ICA technically having been approached by four separate clients for those contracts - it is the death of Jordan's father Thomas Cross during his son's funeral that spurred Diana and the rest of the ICA to investigate the matter.

The ICA discovered that the Shadow Client's transmissions were sent by a hacktivist Olivia Hall from a farm in Colorado. 47 is contracted to eliminate the four key members of Lucas Grey's milita - eco-terrorist Sean Rose, defected Interpol agent Penelope Graves, former Tamil Tigers pirate Maya Parvati, and ex-Mossad interrogator Ezra Berg. During his raid on the camp, 47 discovers the Shadow Client's link chart of Providence members along with a very impressive body of research on 47, which leaves he and Diana to conclude that the Shadow Client has already known about 47 for many years. Among his papers, he also discovers Erich Soders had been selling the ICA out to Providence.

The ICA confirms that Erich Soders has defected to Providence in exchange for a cardiac transplantation to stave off Soders' incipient heart failure—complicated due to a congenital condition. Leveraging its power and influence, Providence has procured a rare right-sided heart required for the operation and admitted Soders to the GAMA private hospital in Hokkaido, Japan for a fast-tracked surgery. To prevent Soders from giving a full list of ICA operatives to Providence and to issue a warning against interference with the ICA's sovereignty, 47 is admitted to the hospital under the alias Tobias Rieper to eliminate Soders and his Providence operative, Yuki Yamazaki, a lawyer to the Yakuza.

Think Deadly

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Following the assassination of Soders and Yamazaki, the Constant, Providence's top controller, approaches Diana with a deal to eliminate the Shadow Client and his militia in exchange for information on 47’s past, and she accepts. Now hired by Providence, the ICA sends 47 to Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, to eliminate Alma Reynard--one of the Client’s top lieutenants--at her safehouse and acquire any intel on her boss’s identity or whereabouts. From Reynard’s computer, 47 discovers that she was planning on meeting with Robert Knox, head of Kronstadt Industries and Providence defector.

Having witnessed the recent string of CEO deaths at the hands of Reynard and the Client’s militia, Robert Knox and his daughter, Kronstadt CFO Sierra Knox, agreed to cut a deal with the enemy in order to spare their lives. With the technological might of Kronstadt Industries in the hands of the militia, Providence feared their attacks would only increase, and so 47 is dispatched to eliminate both Knoxes at the annual Global Innovation Race in Miami, Florida.

The Constant informs the ICA of the Shadow Client’s identity: a mercenary known as Lucas Grey. Despite being off the grid, the ICA uncovers that Grey and his forces move around the globe via the shipping network of the Delgado Cartel, the second-largest drug empire in Colombia. To this end, 47 is sent to the nation’s remote village of Santa Fortuna in order to paralyze the cartel by eliminating Grey’s ally and drug lord, Rico Delgado, his childhood friend and cartel publicist Andrea Martinez, as well as cocaine manufacturer, Jorge Franco.

Following a trail of counterfeit IDs produced by the Delgado Cartel, the ICA finds out the identity of Grey's top lieutenant, Wazir Kale, known to most as The Maelstrom, a deadly South China Sea Pirate. At Providence's utmost urging, 47 is sent to Mumbai, India, to eliminate Kale alongside slum queen Vanya Shah and film producer Dawood Rangan, two other members of his old strike team and the current roster that forms Grey's "Eastern Cell."

Switching Sides

After being lured to an abandoned asylum in Brasov, Romania, 47 finally meets Lucas Grey face-to-face, who is revealed to be his childhood friend and fellow clone previously known as Subject 6. Grey reminds his friend of their pact to take down Providence, the organization behind Dr. Ort-Meyer’s experiments on them, and 47 agrees to take an antidote to counteract the amnestic effects of the experiments in order to remember a crucial lead on Providence’s top controller, the Constant. 47 recalls Janus--former Constant and ex-KGB spymaster during the Cold War—would come to supervise Ort-Meyer’s experiments and would know of the current Constant’s identity.

To cover her and 47’s breach of trust, Diana begrudgingly agrees to make a false report back to the ICA both claiming a dead end in Romania and implicating Janus as the true head of the militia. 47 is sent to Whittleton Creek, Vermont, to eliminate the elderly Janus at his private home in the suburbs, as well as find clues to uncover a connection between Janus and the Constant. In addition, 47 is tasked with eliminating Nolan Cassidy, Providence Herald and Janus’ handler, to ensure he cannot contradict the false report back to Providence.

Via the clues left behind by Janus, 47 learns that the Constant is set to attend the annual gathering of The Ark Society, a plutocratic survivalist club for billionaires that was founded by Janus in 1991; as a recruiting platform for Providence, the Constant typically attends every year. Banking on this information, Olivia Hall is able to track Janus’ coffin to the headquarters of the Ark Society on the mysterious Isle of Sgàil somewhere in the North Atlantic, where 47 eliminates twin sisters Zoe and Sophia Washington, newly-appointed co-chairwomen of the Ark Society, in order to assist Grey in abducting the Constant from the premises. According to the clues found at Janus' residence, this Ark Society gala occurred on November 13, 2020.

Now captured, the Constant--named by Diana as Arthur Edwards--divulges the family dynasties representing the three heads of the Providence: the Ingrams, the Carlisles, and the Stuyvesants. Collectively known as “The Partners,” the three families pooled their wealth over generations to effectively create Providence. Diana sends 47 and Grey to pursue this lead before the Partners can retaliate. Edwards suggests they “follow the money,” and 47 is sent to the New York branch of investment bank Milton-Fitzpatrick, Grey’s former employer, to steal data related to the Partners’ financial accounts as well as eliminate branch director Athena Savalas, Providence Herald and its last remaining tie to the bank, to ensure their heist remains hidden from the Partners.

The bank data showed that the Partners made payments to HAVEN, a small corporation operating out of the Maldives that specializes in identity management for wealthy criminals. Realizing that the Partners have started new lives under new identities, 47 is sent to Haven’s private island to eliminate founder and CEO Tyson Williams, IT expert Steven Bradley, and client coordinator Ljudmila Vetrova, in order to buy Hall enough time to hack their servers before the three targets are scheduled to reset it. Though the new identities and locations of the Partners are successfully acquired, Edwards unexpectedly escapes with the controlling the shares of Providence sent to his account instead of those of the Partners—unbeknownst to Grey and 47. The duo head out to confront their former masters and finish their pact.

The End of an Era

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47 and Lucas Grey immediately trek from the Maldives to Dubai, UAE, where the Providence Partners are hiding out atop Burj Al-Ghazali as the personal guests of Sheikh Omar Al-Ghazali. As they skydive towards the top of the tower, they narrowly miss falling onto the helicopter of Alexa Christine Carlisle (who is leaving the tower to regroup at her family estate and try to track down Arthur Edwards). 47 eliminates Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant, after which he and Lucas Grey discuss how to kill Alexa Carlisle and obtain her case file on Arthur Edwards. Grey also asks what 47 will do now that he's gone from the ICA, though 47 still believes that Diana will negotiate their way back into the organization (just like she had done at the ends of Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution)

47 then proceeds to confront Alexa Carlisle at her family estate in Dartmoor, and arrives during a particularly fraught family reunion; amid preparations for Alexa's ostensible funeral, Alexa's younger brother Zachary Carlisle died in his bed the night before, and the rest of the family is shocked when Alexa arrives the following morning alive and well. Alexa has hired a private investigator out of disbelief that her brother would kill himself, and 47 himself has the opportunity to assume the investigator's identity to get in close proximity to Alexa. If 47 asks for Edwards's case file as a reward for solving the case, Alexa will realize 47's true identity but not become hostile at all - instead, she calmly gives him the file and encourages him to kill Edwards. Regardless, 47 does not leave Dartmoor without ensuring that Alexa Carlisle is dead.

As he is leaving Dartmoor, Grey calls out for 47's help on their intercom during a shootout with an ICA squadron. 47 infiltrates their attempted arrest of Grey disguised as one of the ICA troops, only to witness Grey commit suicide with his pistol rather than be taken alive.

47 goes to the industrial outskirts of Berlin, Germany in search of Olivia Hall. Another ICA squadron (led by Agent Montgomery) is in search of both Olivia and 47, and to ensure Olivia's safety, 47 clears them out of the nearby warehouse rave venue Club Holle. 47 returns to a nearby abandoned gas station, where he finds out that Olivia had to personally kill one of the ICA scouts in self-defense. 47 consoles her as she copes with killing someone for the first time as well as Lucas Grey's death, with 47 saying "he made it count".

Olivia and 47 brainstorm over how to get the ICA off their trail, and devise a plan to leak all of the ICA's information to the public, thereby ending the ICA permanently. To accomplish this, 47 goes to the ICA's data hub in Chongqing, China, and has to kill the ICA's top two archivists in order to disable the server room's biometric locks. 47 kills the two archivists, Hush (coincidentally Olivia Hall's former hacking mentor) and Imogen Royce, and deletes all files regarding him and Diana before leaking the rest to a well-known hacktivist website. The data leak quickly becomes front-page news, triggering dozens of scandals in national intelligence agencies, law enforcement and the private sector.

Arthur Edwards had been contacting Diana since his escape, trying to persuade her to join Providence as a Herald now that he is the supreme leader of Providence, and later ups the ante by saying he'll consider making her the new Constant. Edwards ultimately persuades her by giving her a dossier, explaining that 47 and Grey killed Diana's parents decades ago when they were still under the control of Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer (47 had his memory wiped at the time, meaning he did not remember until Grey administered the antidote during their reunion only a few months ago).

Diana accepts the role of Herald, and attends a summit of Heralds at Don Yates' winery in Argentina - she purposely got herself caught on an airport camera to lead 47 to her, and when 47 greets her outside the event, she explains that she only accepted as a ploy to get 47 within killing distance of Edwards, and to climb the ranks of Providence in order to dismantle it from within. She arranged an invitation for 47 at the event, where he kills Yates (Diana's competitor for the role of Constant) and a high-ranking Herald named Tamara Vidal who was assigned to watch over Diana (according to a calendar that 47 can pick off the wall of Yates's bedroom, this occurred in April 2021). However, 47 confronts her out of paranoia that she truly did sell him out to Edwards, and when they are surrounded by a heavily armored squadron (backed by the ICA and/or Providence), Diana remotely activates a sedative poison that incapacitates 47.

47 fades in and out of consciousness aboard a train traveling through the Carpathian Mountains of his native Romania - Edwards personally administered an advanced version of the memory-erasing serum to 47, but after a sequence of intense nightmares (including visions of the deceased Lucas Grey), 47 finds the mental fortitude to fight off the serum's effects. He proceeds to fight his way up the train cars and confront Arthur Edwards - who calmly displays another dose of the serum and offers to let 47 administer it to himself, saying that he was always meant to be an assassin and will live a happier life forgetting the events of the last few years and going back to what he does best. 47 refuses and either kills Edwards or injects him with the serum, leaving him dead/stranded in Romania. 47 then stops the train and walks off.

Diana follows through with dismantling Providence, resulting in Alexander Fanin, Tim Quinn and Hamsun Oil's former president among many other Providence assets quietly resigning their corporate roles within a month of each other. One year later, 47 (who no longer goes by that moniker) reunites with Diana at her cabin in the woods, and they agree to start a new, justice-minded assassination business of their own.


Agent 47 is a bald Caucasian male and has a rather pale complexion and muscular build. His most distinguishing feature is the bar-code tattooed on the back of his head. It lists his date of creation and identification number: 640509-040147, from which he takes the name "Agent 47." His facial features are quite imposing, with a long face, large cheekbones, prominent brow, recessed forehead and ice blue eyes. Early in Absolution, Agent 47 tries to remove his iconic barcode with a razor, but it remains visible at the end of the game.

According to his ICA File from Absolution, he is 6'2" (188 cm) tall.[5] In the novel Hitman: Enemy Within his weight is stated as 187 lbs (85 kg).[6]

His appearance is modeled after David Bateson, the actor who has voiced Agent 47 in every game so far. He almost always wears his classic black suit, red tie, white shirt, and black leather gloves.


Even though 47 is a relatively emotionless assassin, he shows signs of morality, seen in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin confessing his sins to Father Vittorio. Subsequently, he is also depressed at the apparent loss of his spiritual guide that he agrees to take on the "suicide mission" of killing Deewana Ji. In HITMAN™, after Club 27, Agent 47 reacts to Diana's concerns over the Shadow Client's actions with "So what that someone got rich? The contract was just." The novels often have him pondering the question of his own morality and values.

His absolute highest priority is completing his contract. He generally avoids collateral damage as a professional assassin, although he will not hesitate if he has to. He is emotionally closed off to the suffering of others when appropriate on a contract, even if they remind him of himself at a younger age. Vocally, he rarely raises his voice, choosing to speak in a calm and relaxed manner at all times. When speaking to another person, he can perfectly mask his true intentions (whatever they might be) and fool the other party with no effort; one of his many strengths is being an expert conversationalist. In addition to that, he can blend into the crowd and adapt his personality to suit any situation, and play the role of another person with the utmost efficiency and credibility, like a "Wolf in Sheep's clothing." He is content with being alone but has a deep if unexpressed admiration for the few people he becomes close to, especially Diana Burnwood, Fr. Emilio Vittorio, Helen McAdams, Victoria and Tommy Clemenza. Agent 47 also shows uncharacteristic sensitivity towards animals that he keeps as pets, such as his childhood rabbit and mouse he found from the asylum itself, and the yellow canary in Hitman: Blood Money (though he is forced to kill it in the cut-scene before Requiem in order to avoid giving his position away). He very rarely shows the same care towards human beings, though notable exceptions include Mei Ling, Father Vittorio, and Victoria (whom 47 and Diana treat sort of like a daughter). He also expressed his disgust at exploiting innocent people, as mentioned during the briefing in Death Factory, when he lamented at how Travis and Blake Dexter used "children as weapons."

Agent 47 approaches his assassinations with professionalism but will, however, not show any hesitation or remorse when it comes to killing or silencing witnesses and other potential threats to his mission. Agent 47 generally speaks in a monotone, proper, non-threatening tone, rarely swearing, or even raising his voice. 47 also has a blank and somewhat sinister facial expression, often scanning the scene with his eyes; the only other facial expression 47 has been known to show is pain. Agent 47 is an accomplished conversationalist despite the fact he's extremely reserved, able to fool and manipulate people with convincing lies and bluffs. Hitman: Enemy Within shows that he has the capability to act far out of his normal personality to imitate people, such as a cocky womanizing biker.

Both Hitman novels as well as some portions of Hitman: Absolution show a side of 47 he rarely shows. When out of his element or not on assignment, 47 occasionally shows behavior similar to ordinary people. In Hitman: Enemy Within, he is shown cursing when under frustration, as well as rarely sharing jokes with Diana. But more often than not, he prefers to share little words and keeps to himself.

Given his fee, Agent 47 would have to be a multi-millionaire from his contract earnings but never stops going for new contracts. He only spends his money on simple things like food, suits, gear, and shelter, although he is also known to donate some of it to Father Vittorio. 47 maintains multiple safe houses worldwide, each containing the bare necessities that 47 needs to prepare and execute a contract or lie low. 47 never remains at one safe house for very long, always moving to a different location to stay on the move until he is given a new contract. He does have a particular taste for expensive clothing (suits) and fine dining.

Knowing this, it can be determined that 47 does his work as a hitman for more than just money, but for purpose in life. This is further demonstrated when he did not retrieve the ten million dollar ransom suitcase Blake Dexter had when he eliminated him, but instead let Victoria dump the money on Dexter's body and fly off into the breeze. It is stated that he has to work as a hitman, since trying to live a "normal" life will endanger those around him, such as what happened in the second game, showing he does show concern to other human beings.

Power and Abilities


  • Peak Human Condition: 47 is at the pinnacle of physical ability and in top physical condition. His strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability and endurance are at the highest level for a man his age, height and weight. He is capable of taking extensive damage in combat, surviving in freezing temperatures, climbing down the side of buildings, running and jumping across buildings at great heights, withstanding intense physical pain and torture, running at incredible speeds for long periods without tiring and even breaking other men’s neck with ease.
    • Enhanced Strength: He is physically strong even when compared to adult males of his size and build in peak condition; being able to climb pipes, move, drag and dispose of bodies, snap necks, knock opponents unconscious, force open locked gates just by slamming people into them (as seen in Hitman: Blood Money), and jump from balcony to balcony with minimum effort. Displays of his peak-physical strength have been seen many times, as he is even able to strangle a physically powerful being, such as Tzun. He was even able to toe-to-toe with Sanchez, a man who is physically superhuman due to Warren Ashford's experiments and even kill him with his bare hands.
    • Enhanced Durability: 47 has survived things that would kill normal humans. He survived a fatal gun wound and was able to walk before passing out. When he was thrown by Sanchez through a wooden door with his superhuman strength, all it did was knock him out for a few minutes. He had even survived being electrocuted by the voltage that would kill a normal person.
    • Enhanced Speed: Agent 47 is apparently able to easily run 10km (6.2 miles) in 36 minutes and 39 seconds. His reflexes are also similarly superior. He was able to react to Mark Parchezzi III trying to shoot him, by immediately dodging the bullet.
    • Enhanced Metabolism: He has an inhuman and effective metabolism, which has a limited, but sufficient healing factor. His healing is efficient enough to help him recover from a gunshot in a few hours despite him needing some medical attention in order to have the bullet removed and the pain suppressed with some painkillers. He was even tough enough to walk for a long time with critical injuries before passing out. Also, such metabolism allows 47 to quickly recover from the symptoms of drug withdrawal, as revealed in Hitman Damnation.
    • Enhanced Senses: Agent 47's instincts are so profound that he can effectively visualize everyone around him (and also people of interest such as targets and guards) through walls and floors.


  • Master Assassin: Agent 47 was notorious in the art of assassination, considered to be one of the most dangerous assassins in the world. He is very elusive, being able to assassinate multiple enemies in the same area one at a time and sneak up on almost anybody and quietly neutralize them.
  • Expert Spy: He is well adept in blending in his surroundings as well as sneaking around heavily guarded places. He would usually blend in dense crowd and mimic their activities. He is also extremely skilled in espionage, stealth, infiltration, disguises, thievery, and eavesdropping.
  • Disguise Mastery: 47 also has an expert level understanding of the use of disguises in order to access unauthorized areas of a location, as well as knowing which people will see through his current disguise.
  • Master Martial Artist: As a highly skilled ICA assassin, 47 is a highly accomplished martial artist able to engage armed and unarmed enemies in hand-to-hand combat and come out victorious. He can also disarm trained and armed soldiers and swiftly render them unconscious with minimal effort. His fighting style consists of Kickboxing, Panantukan, Krav Maga, Eskrima, Jiu-Jitsu. 47 is also skilled at using whatever is available and using his environment to his advantage in combat.
  • Master Marksman: 47 is a very accurate marksman, skilled in sharpshooting and knife throwing. He is also highly skilled in the use of pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault and sniper rifles and has extensive knowledge of any firearms. 47 can accurately shoot his opponents no matter how far they are and usually lands a headshot and is capable of handling his handguns with one hand.
  • Genius-level Intellect: 47 is an extremely intelligent, sharp-witted, methodical man and highly adaptable to any situation. He has shown himself to be very skilled in espionage, infiltration, counterintelligence, and is skilled at adjusting his plans to account for changes as well as knowing how to plan well in advance and improvising new plans when necessary. Also 47's superior intellect was shown during The Final Test when he was able to quickly solve a chess conundrum that was being brainstormed by a chess master Jasper Knight.
  • Skilled Engineer: In addition to his driving intuition, 47 is also a very skilled mechanic and engineer. He is able to manipulate objects and machinery around him to his advantage with very little effort. Additionally, he is an expert locksmith, being able to pick most locked doors and open them in mere seconds.
  • Skilled Scientist: 47 has shown to be knowledgeable & skilled in chemistry/poison. He has been able to concoct poisons that can either kill them in seconds or simply incapacitate them.
  • Skilled Painter/Artist: He has shown to possess great skill in painting, as shown in HITMAN™ 2.
  • Expert Driver: It is evident that Agent 47 is a very skilled driver, judging from how well he managed to maneuver Dr. Ort-Meyer's car past a police blockade (in rainy conditions) at the end of Asylum Aftermath. Agent 47's driving skill is also manifested in his ability to drive specialist motor vehicles - such as a bus and a large truck at the end of Amendment XXV and The Meat King's Party, respectively. Agent 47's vehicular skills are not just limited to cars - He is seen flying helicopters and planes and driving boats numerous times throughout the series.
  • Drummer: 47 is shown to be a great drummer, evident when he skillfully plays the drums to impersonate another drummer (in Club 27 and Three-Headed Serpent).
  • Multilingualism: Thanks to his travels around the globe, 47 is familiar with multiple languages. He is shown to speak/comprehends English, Russian and likely many more.
  • Master Tactician: 47 is a highly trained tactician and a master of situational awareness. He is very good at lateral thinking and finding highly creative ways to stay ahead of the people hunting him. He could effectively track down his targets and determine the the best course of action in various missions. He also skilled at coming up with and executing plans for a variety of missions and is very good at understanding his opponents and using their flaws and plans against them.
  • Detective Skills: 47 is able to locate and piece together clues to reach his end goal. He best demonstrates these skills in the Death in the Family mission, where he has the option to investigate the suspicious death of Zachary Carlisle.


Agent 47 has shown a preference for certain equipment throughout the series, preferences ingrained into him by his training and then upgrading to more efficient equipment as needed. As the ICA's top assassin, Agent 47 also has access to their highly modular standard issue arsenal.

There have also been various times where Agent 47 has needed to switch out weapons for certain scenarios. Those situational changes are not included.



Sniper Rifles

Submachine Guns

Assault Rifles




  • Coin(s) (In Blood Money and HITMAN™)
  • RU-AP mines (In Blood Money and HITMAN™)


"[Agent 47] I think they called me 47. [Diana] Thats...not a name. [Agent 47] So make it one. [Diana] Alright, Agent 47."
Agent 47 and Diana's final exchange in Call me 47. This is the origin of Agent 47's callsign.
"Thick walls and loads of protection. Even the strongest chain has a weak point, and I'll find this one. But I better consider each step I take in this squeaky, old castle."
Agent 47's monologue at the beginning of Shogun Showdown.
"I always knew I didn't belong in this world. I wasn't made for this. But I'll never forget- those who betrayed me, and those who never failed my trust. I'll be carrying nothing from Gontranno but this lesson: never trust anyone and rely on your instincts. Forget the past. I'll never find peace here. So, I'll seek justice for myself. I'll choose the truth I like."
Agent 47's monologue at the end of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin when he was leaving Vittorio's Church.
"This room. This bullet. There's a bullet for everyone. And a time, and a place. An end. Yes, maybe this is how it has to be. Inspector, you've obviously learned too much about me. I can't have that. Not even in my death"
Agent 47's monologue during the opening cinematic for Hunter and Hunted.
"Hmm, I don't rely on luck."
Agent 47's response to Diana saying "Good luck, gentlemen," during the briefing of The Last Resort.
"Names are for friends, so I don't need one."
Agent 47 talking to a guard in Death of a Showman.

Alternate Origins (2007 Adaptation)

Main article(s): Hitman (movie)

In the film Hitman, Agent 47 is not a clone but rather an abducted baby orphan trained to be a lethal assassin. He accepts a contract to kill the Russian president Mikhail Belicoff. He is set up by one of Belicoff's body doubles, who stages Belicoff having survived the incident and tries to kill 47. While on the run with Nika Boronina (the real Belicoff's mistress, a witness whom 47 becomes semi-romantic with), he eventually kills the double and escapes arrest with the help of Agent Smith. He then heads to Russia where he protects Nika and sends her to a wine-yard (she had expressed a liking for it to 47 during her travels with him) where he would later presumably join her. The film is made and set in 2007.


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Agent 47


  • Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood are the only characters that have appeared in every Hitman video game up to date.
  • According to unused dialogue from Codename 47, Agent 47 is around 5 ft., 10in tall.[7]
  • Agent 47 is known for his professional and honorable attitude. However, this trait is not demonstrated when killing Lenny Dexter, as 47 cruelly torments Lenny leading up to and during his death.
    • Agent 47 even has the option to submit Lenny to a lonely, drawn-out death by leaving him in the desert with no food or water.
  • In the film Hitman, Agent 47's suits are made by Kiton. In Enemy Within, he wears an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch, worth over $10,000.
  • According to his ICA File, Agent 47 has six nationalities: American, British, German, Swiss, and two others that are censored.
  • Agent 47 loses his temper notably one time in the whole series during the final mission's cinematic of Blood Money, in which he is stabbed with a poisonous syringe.
  • Agent 47 is a character in another Eidos game, Lara Croft's Poker Party.
  • Even though members from Io-Interactive have said that Agent 47 is timeless ("never aging"), doing simple subtraction from his birth-date (September 5 1964) to present day in HITMAN™ III (storyline ends in Spring 2021) shows he is actually 56 years old (and 57 in the epilogue, which takes place a year later), and still aging. It is likely his genetic modifications include anti-aging measures in the sense that he does not physically age, but chronologically ages as time passes by.
    • This is further evidenced by his GAMA Hospital Patient Journal found in Situs Inversus in which the doctors are astonished by his health, stating that he's physically like a man in his early 20's.
  • If the player looks at Agent 47's texture for Contracts, they are able to see the words "Room for a beat-up face...," with two suns and a star in the area, possibly suggesting that Agent 47 was to be captured and/or beat up at some point in the game.
  • 47 is a very talented drummer and keyboard player. Twice in the series, 47 has the opportunity to pose as a band drummer to get closer to his target (Jordan Cross in Club 27, and Rico Delgado in Three-Headed Serpent). Easter Eggs demonstrating 47's keyboard skills can be found during the police chase in Absolution, as well as the HITMAN™ mission Club 27.
  • If the player acquires Ort-Meyer's Keycard and goes into a secret room in the asylum, they can see five other clones of Agent 47 that were originally going to belong to each of the Five Fathers for organ donation (as was the original deal between the fathers in Codename 47), all with the names of the Five Fathers printed on the canisters.
  • According to Silent Assassin, Agent 47's religious beliefs appeared to be prominently Catholic, but kept out of religious life when he was forced back into completing assassinations. It is likely that he keeps as many Catholic practices as possible without endangering himself. His contact with Father Emilio Vittorio in Hitman: Enemy Within and Sister Mary in Hitman: Absolution hint that 47 would want to return to religious life, if not for the constraints of his criminal underworld ties.
  • With his marksman skills and personality, 47 shares many similarities with the professional hitman "Golgo 13" the protagonist of the Japanese manga of the same name.
  • Only two of Agent 47’s hits have survived (Diana Burnwood and Mark Faba).
  • Typing in the password "420" into a safe or door in HITMAN III reveals the hidden dialogue, "Good Party?". This exact line is used by 47 in the HITMAN II Elusive Target Mission, The Censor. He must speak to The Censor at the garden party to reveal the line.
  • Also typing in “69” into a safe or door in HITMAN III reveals a hidden dialogue, “ Ho, Ho, Ho”


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