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Inspector Albert Fournier is the final target of Hitman: Contracts, appearing during the Hunter and Hunted level and the main antagonist in Hitman: Contracts.


Hitman: Contracts

He is the Paris chief of police, highly corrupt and a personal friend of Richard Delahunt and Alvaro D'Alvade.

It is revealed in an expired mission briefing that 47 was supposed to kill him during the events of the opera house mission (although he is not mentioned, his handgun loading scene implies that he is in the Hitman: Blood Money rendition).

He has been educated by the Franchise about 47, and sends a 51-man GIGN team to kill him. He has a megaphone that the player can obtain, though it is useless.



  • During the Hunter and Hunted mission he is shown to be rather nervous and cowardly as he is constantly shouting orders into his megaphone.
  • His weapon of choice is the GK17.
  • Fournier has a megaphone which he is using to call out 47. The player can pick it up, but it serves no purpose in-game.
  • Fournier can be briefly seen at the end of Curtains Down pulling back the slide of his pistol. This rendition seems to take the model of a generic guard.
  • One of few targets to be primarily holding an object that is not a weapon.