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Alma Reynard (also known as The Mastermind) is an anti-establishment freelance assassin working as one of the Shadow Client's militia's top lieutenants. She appears as a target in the Nightcall mission in HITMAN™ 2.


Alma Reynard is a field infiltrator and intelligence officer, wanted for several counts of eco-terrorism. She is an active agent in the Shadow Client's militia. Born into a family of Basque nationalists, Reynard grew up with a solid hatred for the establishment. When both her parents went to jail for bombing a shopping mall in Barcelona, Reynard went to live with relatives in the Midwest. Here she got involved with the Pristine Army; a now defunct anarcho-primitivist militant group, raging against globalization and the technologizing of modern society. Reynard, however, soon found their agenda too starry-eyed. She was never a reactionary, merely anti-corporate and in her view, the true enemies are multinational corporations and their government proxies, who endanger the climate by keeping the status quo. And she is more than willing to spill blood for her cause, even innocent bystanders.

Along with her then boyfriend, bomb-maker Sean Rose, Reynard went on to commit several counts of eco-terrorism against multinational corporations. She helped Rose bomb a Hamsun Oil rig - spending months infiltrating the Hamsun organization - which is where she developed her skills as an infiltrator.

How and when Reynard and Rose joined the shadow client is unknown, but it is unlikely to have taken much convincing. After all, to someone like Alma Reynard, Providence is the ultimate symbol of complacency and status quo.

Reynard is a lone wolf; beautiful, ruthless and a born survivor. She is quick to fall in love, but grows bored even faster and is completely void of sentimentality. Long before Rose's death in the ICA raid on the farm in Colorado, Reynard had taken a second lover. Orson Mills; a former CICADA mercenary and point man in the shadow client's militia. Intel indicates that Mills is part of Reynard's cell and follows her wherever she goes.

Together, Reynard and Mills make the perfect combination of Brains and Brawn. The seasoned soldier and the social chameleon, effortlessly able to earn people's trust and infiltrate any environment. Curiously enough, Reynard was once offered to join ICA as a field agent, but she turned ICA down - considering ICA's MO was too reactionary.
― Target Intel


  • Alma Reynard and Sean Rose had a daughter called Mercedes, but are unable to see her due to the dedication they share to their cause and their status as wanted criminals. About fifteen minutes after falling asleep, she will receive a call from her sister about missing her birthday.
    • It is implied that Mercedes is an accidental pregnancy, as Alma states "'Firing blanks' my ass. Thanks a lot, Sean." after the phone call.
  • The developers revealed that originally Alma's appearance and attire were much sexier. Later they changed it to avoid Agent 47 looking like a sexual predator.
  • Reynard also has a sister called Celia, who disapproves of her family's terrorism and takes care of Mercedes so she can have a normal life.
  • She's the recipient of a call from Sean Rose during the Freedom Fighters mission of Hitman (2016), where Sean complains about having to work with Maya Parvati and states his desire to boot her out of the militia.
  • According to Diana's comments, Reynard is a master of disguises, like Agent 47. She and Orson stole the identities of the couple that can be found in her garage, and killed them before attending a party in their place.
    • Dialogue between three mercenaries digging a trench for the bodies suggest that Alma intended to sedate the couple, only for the husband to rip off her mask.
  • Reynard turned down leading a militia cell in favor of Sean Rose leading it.
  • She and Orson are both enforcers of the bodyguard disguise. However, there is a blend in bench, on the first floor roof where 47 can sit.
  • Alma smokes cannabis and keeps a stash in her bathroom. When Orson offers her a cigarette on the balcony, she would resist because she just brushed her teeth.
  • Her favorite drink is Mango flavored Moja Tea with honey, which 47 can poison.
  • She has a dog named Max, who, according to guard dialogue, is a large and bloodthirsty hound. Despite this, Reynard seems very affectionate when she talks about him.
  • Her background intel is reminiscent to that of Enriqueta Marti, a female Spanish serial killer and kidnapper noted for using disguises.