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Alpha Zerox is the secret organization of which the The Franchise is a part.


Alpha Zerox originally started out as The Franchise's cloning program (which was used to create the likes of Mark Purayah II and Mark Parchezzi III). [1] Their ultimate goals or their ideology remains unknown. They are later to be described as the shadow organization which possesses "pull in every domestic agency" as described by Agent Smith.

They attempted to use Mark Parchezzi III, the pinnacle of their weaponized cloning program, to assassinate president Thomas Steward and install the Vice President, Daniel Morris, as the new incumbent. They also assisted Morris in achieving the Vice Presidency itself, as his ascendance to this position was enabled by the death of the previous one in a car crash orchestrated by their agents, as detailed by Smith to Agent 47.

Their current status and virtually all information regarding their operation, following the destruction of the Franchise and all of its resources, is unknown. The extent of their connections, physical personnel, or monetary endowment, is also unknown. Technically, Alpha Zerox is only mentioned by name once throughout the game, in the mission briefing of AMMENDMENT XXV.



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