The Anaesthetic is a sedative-type weapon in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, that is used to sedate an enemy for a period of time.


  • Anathema - In inventory at the beginning of the level.
  • Tunnel Rat - On the boxes by the door that leads to your target.
  • Terminal Hospitality - On a table in the room where the doctor suit can be found, behind the office with the Agency pickup
  • Invitation to a Party (demo only) - In inventory at the beginning of the level.


47 has to be behind the target and in sneak mode, so he doesn't alert his victim. If there is only one enemy, then you should spend all doses but if there is more enemies you should spend less.

Time of Effect

The anaesthetic has the same duration on all three difficulty levels.

Amount of Bottles12345
Time of Effect1050110200300



  • If you are too far from your enemy and you want to sedate him press your walk button while running repeatedly. This will make 47 run but targets won't hear him. (PC Only)
  • A similar item, the Sedative Syringe, appears in Hitman: Blood Money.
  • The actual anaesthetic is the very potent Methoxyflurane, which was largely abandoned by the time of the game's events took place.
  • While sedating, you can press the map button and close it immediately to instantaneously finish the animation.
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