Andrea Martinez (also known as The Face) is a target that appears in the Three-Headed Serpent mission in HITMAN™ 2.


"Andrea Martinez is a cut-throat former marketing executive now working for the Delgado empire. She worked in advertising for a few years but was drawn to the dangerous life of her rougher friends, the Delgado brothers Rico and Hèctor. The allure of the drug business was tempting, so when Rico Delgado one day asked her to come along and rebuild the Delgado empire, she immediately quit her job and went with him and Hèctor.

The youngest daughter of the head of a Chilean cocaine cartel, Andrea Martinez grew up playing in the vast coca fields of her family's rural estate. When Andrea was 14, it was determined that she was to be sent abroad to study, while her older brothers were to take over the family business. Her father wanted her as far away from his dangerous trade as possible. However, only a week before her planned departure to the United States, the government cracked down on the Martinez estate and slaughtered everyone there while Andrea was visiting her uncle, Fernando Delgado. Now orphaned, Andrea was taken in by Don Fernando and treated as his own daughter.

Fernando Delgado honored his friend's wishes and sent Andrea to America to get an education. She returned to Chile in 2002, living at the Delgado villa for a few months before moving to Santiago where she met up with Rico Delgado and formed a friendship with him. Determined to honor her father's wish and her uncle's expectations, she got a job in the advertising industry and worked there for a couple of years as a marketing executive. But, tragedy struck as Fernando Delgado and his son were killed in an apparent accident in 2004. The effective dismantling of the cartel following their deaths, however, brought back the spectre of the past and Martinez realized that some hidden hand was behind the deaths. Worried for her life, she fled Chile and ended up in Colombia with Rico Delgado and his brother Hector.

Together, the trio started what would eventually become the reformed Delgado Cartel - quickly starting a new business and getting Martinez's hands dirty by creating a series of legal fronts for what would quickly grow into a substantial criminal empire.

A vital part of Delgado's organization, Andrea Martinez travels the world under a range of assumed identities, expanding the business and making sure everything runs smoothly. Where Rico Delgado is responsible for the trafficking side of the business, Martinez is responsible for the business side of things. She engages in the bribing of officials, extortion and information gathering that ensures the other cartels are kept in check, and she keeps the public eye away from Rico Delgado, through her magnificent skilled at spinning stories and extorting people based on the information she gathers through networks like IAGO."
― In-Game Briefing


  • Andrea Martinez had a minor appearance in the Paris level of HITMAN™.
  • Don Fernando Delgado was Andrea's uncle according to her in-game profile, which would make Hector and Andrea cousins (albeit possibly only step-cousins, if Andrea's father married into the Delgado family after Andrea was born).