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Andrei Puscus is a character featured in the mission The Meat King's Party in Hitman: Contracts. He is the lawyer of Romanian "Meat King", Campbell Sturrock.



When Sturrock ordered the kidnapping of a wealthy Romanian's daughter, who was later killed and butchered by Sturrock's insane brother, Malcolm, Puscus bribed several court officials and got the case against Sturrock thrown out.

Fetish party and death

Afterwards, he attended a victory party that was thrown by Sturrock at one of his slaughterhouses. He spent most of his time smoking opium in one of the side rooms and going to the bathroom. Despite having a personal guard assigned to him, he was killed at the party by Agent 47, along with Campbell Sturrock.


He is a rather tall man, with very similar build and body appearance to that of other male NPCs. He wears a black suit with blood red shirt complete with a "devil" like mask.


  • Oddly, the weapon found on him is a silenced Silverballer, 47's trademark weapon.
  • He is one of three lawyer to be introduced in the Hitman series the 1st being, Guillani's lawyer in Hitman 2 and the third being Ken Morgan in HITMAN.
  • His corrupt lifestyle is confirmed by his dirty dealings with Campbell Sturrock and also his probable illegal possession of Silverballers in Romania where gun laws are strict.