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Anthony L. Troutt (also known as "The Congressman") is a politician and Elusive Target in HITMAN™. He appeared in the mission World of Tomorrow from May 27th 2016 - May 29th 2016 and reappeared December 1st 2017 - December 11th 2017. His solo contract was then merged with Richard J. Magee's in HITMAN™ 2 to form a double contract known as The Deceivers.


A decorated war hero, Troutt is a center-right conservative with a strong popularity base among moderate voters in the U.S. As such, he represents a threat to interests of both sides of the U.S. political spectrum, who believe there is more than meets the eye to his popularity.

His war record is questionable. Having served in Grenada, a great deal of his record has been redacted. But rumor has it that he was involved in a "friendly-fire" incident that left hundreds of civilians for dead and was then covered up in the aftermath of the U.S. invasion.

Troutt retired after the Grenada invasion, though he soon landed a position as CEO for CICADA, a private military company. Ever the charmer, he was much liked and within a few years, he decided to go into politics, where his "populist" speeches soon made him a favorite amongst the better to-do voters of his party. in fact, his rise seemed almost too easy, which sparked off rumors of blackmail, as his opponents rarely dared to challenge him and would often bow down and retire from politics all together. However, his true tactics are more sinister than one would imagine.

The connection between Troutt and Magee was first made 10 years ago, when Magee started to appear at his rallies. At first this seemed like a mere coincidence - Magee was a wealthy self-help guru and avid supporter of Troutt (like so many other wealthy people), but interested started to arise in their friendship, when Magee began to be shrouded in controversy concerning manipulation of his wealthy clients. Most politicians would immediately separate themselves from such controversy - but not Troutt. Though he never publicly defended Magee - he never distanced himself either. Some people have speculated whether Troutt is under Magee's "spell", but intel suggests that they are co-conspirators... Magee psychologically breaks Troutt's opponents in exchange for Troutt's political power keeping the law at bay.

Troutt is now on a current "tour" of Europe, visiting business leaders and heads of state ahead of a likely presidential bid. We have learned that he will be visiting Silvio Caruso and will be staying in the clifftop villa for at least 48 hours.

Expect him to have a dedicated security team ensuring his safety.
― In-Game Briefing

Description And Behavior

Troutt is found on the first floor of Villa Caruso, being taken on a tour of the mansion by a housekeeper. Troutt will be shown around the mansion's sun room, the vista outside the sun room, the library, and the wine cellar.

While in the library, Troutt will receive a call from a journalist investigating his involvement in the invasion of Grenada. After refusing to comment, he will call his wife and tell her not to respond to the journalist, reassuring her that things will change after he wins the election. Afterwards, he will take a look at Caruso's selection of books.

While in the wine cellar, Troutt will drink from a glass of wine that can be poisoned.


  • According to his trailer, Troutt was a captain in the Navy during his time in Grenada, is listed as an Independent and hopes to run for President of the United States in 2024.
  • His family owns an estate in Maine, that apparently has been in their possession for 100 years. This estate is also a winery.
  • Troutt is a creationist, as he ridicules Caruso's ownership of Charles Darwin and expresses a desire to ban his books once he's President.
  • During the events of Another Life, a couple named Penelope and Alfred Troutt visit the Wilson property during the neighborhood barbecue.