The Aries 24-7 is a pistol in Hitman: Absolution.


"The Aries 24-7 is an unremarkable combat pistol, easily controllable and with a good cyclic rate. It is upstaged by other, more specialized handguns, but remains a viable choice as a sidearm."

This weapon is based upon the real-world Taurus PT 24/7 which is manufactured by Taurus International Firearm Company of Brazil, and was primarily designed as a backup weapon for Law Enforcement officers, and to a limited degree as a weapon suited for the civilian concealed carry market.

The version in the game is based on the 4.25” standard model chambered for .45 ACP rounds, and has a 12 round magazine.




  • Pre-release, this gun was known as the "Mack 22" as it appeared in the Run For Your Life playthrough.
    • Also pre-release, in the Run For Your Life playthrough, ammunition for this gun was known as "AmmoGun bullets".
  • The weapon's name in the game and in real life are both references to Zodiac sign, Aries.


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