The Aries Charging Ram is a revolver carried by Edward Wade's henchmen while at the Rosewood Orphanage.


The Aries Charging Ram is an extremely potent revolver with plenty of stopping power. However, because of the significant recoil, some shooters find it difficult to control.

A .357 Magnum revolver that is based upon the Taurus Raging Bull manufactured by the Taurus International Firearm Company of Brazil, the Raging Bull line of revolvers is actually a large line that includes models for well over a dozen calibers, though the model upon which the Aries Charging Ram is based upon is purely a fantasy version of the weapon, since the Raging Bull was never released in a version that chambered the .357 Magnum round.

Based upon its appearance in the game, the Aries Charging Ram is most likely based upon the Taurus 416 Raging Bull, which was actually chambered to fire the larger .41 Magnum round, and appeared in a 6.5-inch version nearly identical to that of the Aries Charging Bull used in the game. The Aries Charging Ram has a six-round capacity in its cylinder.


  • Rosewood: Carried by some of Wade's henchmen, available before 47 go downstairs.
  • End of the Road: In the trunk of 47's car.


  • The Absolver: Glossy black, with a white barbed wire pattern running the length of the barrel, with a white grip. Carried by Lasandra Dixon.
  • Pink Aries Charging Ram: Chrome with a bright pink grip. Only two exist in Absolution, one carried by Lily Dukes (the young woman 47 can compete against for his Silverballers in "Birdie's Gift") and the other in one of the back rooms at McGarmond's Gun Shop.


  • A similar weapon in Blood Money, the Bull .480, is also based on the same weapon, the only big difference is the caliber they use.
  • The weapon's name is a play on its real life counterpart, the Taurus Raging Bull.
    • Taurus is Aries. The two are astrological signs.
    • Raging is charging. The two words are synonyms.
    • Bull is ram. The two are similar animals.
  • Also, the name Taurus Raging Bull has some significance. Taurus means "The Bull" in Latin, therefore the actual name is "The Bull Raging Bull". Identically, the name Aries Charging Ram has the same meaning. Aries means "The Ram" in Latin, so the name is "The Ram Charging Ram".


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