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The Ark Society is a clandestine organization that consists of extremely rich and powerful people preparing for a global collapse.


The Ark Society's headquarters on Sgàil.

Founded by Janus in 1991, the Ark Society is a so-called survivalist group for the global elite and billionaires preparing for the downfall of civilization; its members are willing to pay huge sums of money to ensure their own survival. While the Ark Society includes many Providence affiliates and is even used as a recruiting venue for future members, not everyone in the Ark Society is necessarily aware that Providence exists - for example, Sophia Washington assumes that Ark Society co-founder Jebediah Block doesn't know about Providence, and only makes vague allusions to them while trying to convince him to vote in favor of her green energy initiative.

Their headquarters is located in a refurbished fortress on the mysterious Isle of Sgàil somewhere in the North Atlantic ocean, where the society gathers once a year to showcase new survival products, initiatives, and pseudo-scientific breakthroughs.


  • The society first appears in HITMAN™ 2, and 47 must infiltrate their gathering in the game's final mission, The Ark Society, in order to eliminate the Washington twins and extract the Constant.
  • The society is mentioned in The Farewell, the penultimate mission of HITMAN™ III; the target's brother, Zachary Yates is confirmed to be a lawyer for them, in addition to other connections. According to two NPCs, Frederick Engelhorn, Janus' original pick for chairman, is once again considered to lead in the aftermath of the twins' deaths, but Blake Nathaniel is also expected to run for chairman.
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