Arthur Edwards, formerly known as The Constant, was Providence's Constant, or chief controller/second-in-command, answering to the Partners, He takes over Providence after 47 assassinates the Partners. He is the overall primary antagonist of the World of Assassination trilogy, being as the overarching antagonist of HITMAN™, and the main antagonist of HITMAN™ 2, and HITMAN™ III. He is a target in the HITMAN™ III mission Untouchable.


Arthur Edwards was the second Constant of Providence, but since the deaths of the Partners, he has assumed full control of the organization.

Small and inconspicuous, Edwards' mild, soft-spoken demeanor hides a staggering and terrifying intellect. Devious, calculating and a master manipulator, he is an enigma, who has meticulously erased his own past in order to become invisible and untraceable. A partial file recovered at Isle of Sgàil reveals that Edwards attended the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1976 on a scholarship, indicating that he did not come from money like his ultra-privileged late employers. But nothing else is known about his life before becoming the Constant, including his relationship to the first Constant, Janus.

As the top controller and chief strategist of Providence, Edwards was the only person who reported directly to the Partners, and was entrusted with their true identities. He was the architect behind Providence's every machination, and the head of the "Heralds"; Providence's corps of field handlers who communicate the Partners' orders down the ranks of the organization.

For decades, Edwards has ranked among the most powerful individuals in the world. And yet his smug and patronizing demeanor hides a deep-seated inferiority complex. A middle class meritocrat, Edwards long expected to eventually make Partner. But when he realized that, despite all his diligence and dedication, Stuyvesant, Ingram and Carlisle would never acknowledge him as an equal, he instead plotted their downfall.

Edwards' infatuation with Diana Burnwood appears to be of an entirely cerebral nature. He sees Diana as an intellectual equal and his ego demands that he not only outmaneuvers Diana, but converts her to his cause. This is his Achilles' heel, allowing him to make an unusual lapse in judgement. By trusting Diana, Edwards has left himself momentarily exposed. It will likely never happen again.
― Target Intel

Events of HITMAN™

After a mysterious Shadow Client assassinated Providence Herald Eugene Cobb and manipulated the ICA into foiling two of Providence's plans (the development of a virus weapon by Ether and a coup to take over Morocco), Edwards and Cobb's successor, Alexander Fanin, visited the Providence archive in New York. Upon discussing the recent events, Edwards deduced that Providence had been compromised; he and Fanin discovered that the Shadow Client had raided the vault and obtained information on all their assets and operatives.

Providence collaborated with former ICA training director Erich Soders to gain control over the ICA's activities and deploy them in their war against the Shadow Client. The ICA learned of Soders' treachery and retaliated by sending Agent 47 to assassinate him and Providence Herald Yuki Yamazaki in Hokkaido, Japan, thwarting a transaction in which Providence was to receive a list of active ICA operatives. In the aftermath of Soders' death, the Constant personally confronted 47's Handler Diana Burnwood on a train. He assured her that there would be no action taken against the ICA for the recent transgressions and proposed a partnership between Providence and the ICA to eliminate the Shadow Client. Though she initially rebuked his offer, Diana capitulated when Edwards presented her a photo of a young 47, implying Providence knew about his past.

Events of HITMAN™ 2

One week later, the ICA board accepted Edwards' contract to eliminate the Shadow Client and, after 47 eliminated one of his top lieutenants, Alma Reynard, reported that Edwards gave them carte blanche into dismantling the Client's operations--especially after a recent string of attacks on Providence-backed CEOs. Edwards then approved for the ICA to eliminate two Providence defectors, Robert Knox and his daughter, Sierra.

Though Partner Marcus Stuyvesant was concerned about "axing their own" as they were already steadily losing operatives, Edwards assured he and the other Partners that the Knoxes were traitors and would have caused significant damage to Providence had they not been eliminated. Continuing a tense discussion with his supervisors, Edwards revealed the identity of the Client as mercenary Lucas Grey; he then informed the ICA, who subsequently sent 47 to neutralize Grey's operations in Santa Fortuna, Colombia, and Mumbai, India.

Following Janus' assassination at the hands of 47, the Partners worried that Edwards had almost exposed all of them. To ensure his loyalty, they forced Edwards to implant himself with a poison chip linked to a killswitch entrusted to the Washington sisters, much to his chagrin. As per usual, Edwards attended the annual gathering of the Ark Society, a clandestine survivalist club for billionaires founded by his late predecessor, where he was later kidnapped by 47 and Grey.

Edwards is later held hostage aboard their boat, his chip surgically removed. He reveals the names of the Partners after being interrogated by Grey, Diana, and 47, suggesting that they "follow the money" in order to determine their whereabouts. After the Partners faked their deaths and allegedly took on new identities, all of their corporate silent shares were transferred to Edwards, who eventually managed to escape his captivity.


  • In Another Life, Janus tells 47 (undercover as his physical therapist) that he left Providence during the initial decline of Ort-Meyer's laboratory, and never found out what became of the project. Therefore, the Constant seen in the comic series Birth of a Hitman is Edwards, who assumed the role of Constant by 1999.
    • Janus recalls the day he passed the torch to Edwards during a private concert in Vienna, Austria.
  • "The Constant" is first mentioned in-game during Ezra Berg's interrogation of the captured Herald, William Candler, in Freedom Fighters.
  • Edwards will converse with several of his Heralds across the two games:
  • He appears as a VIP during The Ark Society mission, in which his death will cause the mission to instantly fail.
  • There have been fan theories that Edwards and the Mystery Man from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin are the same person.
  • The Constant is the first and only main antagonist to have a determined status. He is one of several targets to have this distinction, alongside Lenny Dexter and the targets of Flatline and Apex Predator.
  • According to two Heralds in The Farewell, Edwards' master plan as new leader of Providence entails transforming the secret shadow cabal into a fully legal, entirely official supra-national corporate entity called "Destiny Group" by merging its corporations under a single roof, beyond any state jurisdiction--in effect, creating the world's first sovereign corporate state, its headquarters based at the Ark Society's Hyperborea site in Greenland.


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