Arthur Edwards is a character in HITMAN™ and the main antagonist of HITMAN™ 2. He served as the Providence's Constant (second in command) until he was captured by Agent 47, Lucas Grey, and Diana Burnwood. He appears as a VIP in The Ark Society mission.


"He submitted a scholarship application to the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1976. At some point, he became the second Constant for Providence, succeeding his mentor, Janus.

After a mysterious Shadow Client assassinated Providence member Eugene Cobb and manipulated the ICA into foiling some Providence's plans (the development of a virus weapon by Ether and a coup to take over Morocco), the Constant and Cobb's successor Mr. Fanin visited a Providence vault in New York. Upon discussing the recent events and opening the vault, they discovered that the Shadow Client had raided it and obtained information on all their operatives. Providence collaborated with former ICA training director Erich Soders to gain control over the ICA's activities and deploy them in the war against the Shadow Client. The ICA learned of Soders' treachery and retaliated by sending Agent 47 to assassinate him and Providence Herald Yuki Yamazaki, thwarting a transaction in which Providence was to receive a list of active ICA operatives. In the aftermath of Soders' death, the Constant personally confronted 47's Handler Diana Burnwood on a train. He assured her that there would be no action taken against the ICA for the recent transgressions and proposed a partnership between Providence and the ICA to eliminate the Shadow Client. Though she initially rebuked his offer, he changed."
― In-Game Briefing


  • In Another Life, Janus tells 47 (undercover as his physical therapist) that he left Providence during the initial decline of Ort-Meyer's laboratory, and never found out what became of the project. Therefore, the Constant seen in the comic series Birth of a Hitman is Edwards, who assumed the role of Constant by 1999.
  • There have been fan theories that Edwards and the Mystery Man from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin are the same person.