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Asylum Staff are employees in the asylum led by Dr. Ort-Meyer, where they attend to the needs of the asylum's patients.


Hitman: Codename 47

The staff appear in 3 levels, Training, The Setup, and Meet Your Brother. They carry stun guns and AMT Hardballers. During training, they will attack #47 on sight, and if pacified by a stun gun, they will drag #47 back to his padded cell, where Ort-Meyer will restart training. A staff member sitting at the desk at the end of training will use an AMT Hardballer.

In The Setup, the only staff member seen instructs where Agent 47 needs to go. He will not attack on sight, unlike the original staff. In Meet Your Brother, the two staff in the basement will attack Agent 47 with AMT Hardballers.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

The staff only make a minor appearance in the games intro, being eliminated by Agent 47, and being pushed off of chairs in the security room with the camera monitors by the Mystery Man and Sergei Zavorotko.

Hitman: Contracts

The staff only appear in Asylum Aftermath. They will attack Agent 47 with stun guns if he is unarmed (otherwise they will run away), and they are to be killed-on-sight by the SWAT team.