"The Saints. One of Travis' pet projects. Elite female assassins specializing in large scale covert operations. Working in pairs, they strike hard and fast, leaving no witnesses and no bodies. Their presence here tells me only one thing: Travis is getting desperate."
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Attack of the Saints is the 14th mission in Hitman: Absolution. It consists of 3 segments: Parking Lot, Reception, and Cornfield.

Mission Information

While 47 checks in at the Waikiki Inn under the alias of Ben Franklin, The Saints, specialized assassins from the ICA, arrive. Their leader, Lasandra Dixon, fires a rocket launcher at the hotel, destroying a portion of it and killing several people. 47 kills all of them and when Travis attempts to contact the Saints, he realizes that 47 has humiliated him and the ICA.


  • Eliminate Jennifer Anne Paxton
  • Eliminate Heather McCarthy
  • Locate the hotel reception
  • Eliminate Dijana Radoncic
  • Eliminate Agnija Radoncic
  • Exit the motel
  • Eliminate the last of the Saints
  • Locate the command post



Melee Weapons

  • Agency Tanto Knife - Parking Lot: On a crate in the area where an ICA soldier murders an innocent hotel guest. Reception: On a gas barrel behind Agnija Radoncic. Cornfield: At the beginning on the table. There are three cars in the area with several guards around.
  • Axe - Cornfield: Stuck to a log in the playground behind the Command Post.
  • Baseball Bat - Reception: In the room next to the bar.
  • Bill Spike - Reception: On top of the bar.
  • Brick - Parking Lot: Immediately on the right path inside the Miniature Golf Course.
  • Bottle - On the bar either bar.
  • Cleaver - Parking Lot: In the bar furthest from the parking lot where saint Heather McCarthy stops to drink.
  • Crowbar - Reception: Enter the vent, out the door, straight ahead on some tires, close to the exit.
  • Dog's Bone - Cornfield: found in the shed at the very end of the segment, to the left of the house.
  • Fire Extinguisher - On top of the bar closest to the parking lot. Also can be found behind the bar in the Reception.
  • Gasoline Can - Reception: In the corner area that is partially walled off and next to the yellow car and patriot RV.
  • Golf Club - Parking Lot: In the Miniature Golf Course there are two of them. Walk along each hole to find them.
  • Hula Girl - Parking Lot: On the bar that is closest to the parking lot.
  • Iron - Found in the starting room after escaping from the rubble.
  • Metal Pipe - Parking Lot: on the big concrete block / steel grid - behind the second burning car.
  • Radio - Parking Lot: At the bar closest to the parking lot.
  • Screwdriver - Reception: In the corner area that is partially walled off and next to the yellow car and patriot RV. Cornfield: In a shed located in the middle of the field across from the starting location.
  • Wrench - Reception: In the corner area that is partially walled off and next to the yellow car and patriot RV.




For instructions to complete a specific challenge, click the corresponding image; or for a comprehensive instructions list, see Attack of the Saints challenges
Icon Name Description
Chameleon Challenge Chameleon Pick up the disguises.
Evidence Collector Challenge Evidence Collector Find the evidence.
Infiltrator Challenge Infiltrator Avoid getting spotted.
Suit Only Challenge Suit Only Avoid using disguises. (Changing into the suit will not prevent this challenge from being completed)
Intervene Challenge Intervene Come with me if you want to live. (Save the civilian and the motel manager from being killed)
Black Widower Challenge Black Widower Her body was her temple. (Kill Heather McCarthy by poisoning her coffee with Rat Poison)
Electro Cute Challenge Electro Cute She sure was stunning. (Kill Louisa Cain by rigging the power cable to the water pipe and activating the generator)
Skirt Chaser Challenge Skirt Chaser So many options, so little time. (Complete "Black Widower" and "Electro Cute")
Scarecrow Challenge Scarecrow The harvest is bountiful. (Kill 10 enemies whilst wearing the Scarecrow Disguise and remaining undetected)
A Calm Before the Storm Challenge A Calm Before the Storm Complete "Attack of the Saints."
Angel of Death Part I Challenge Angel of Death - Part I What a waste. (Kill 2 Saints members at the same time)
Angel of Death Part II Challenge Angel of Death - Part II Like a hand of God. (Kill all enemies (Saints and ICA members) without being detected or a body being found) Challenge Locked
Angel of Death Part III Challenge Angel of Death - Part III Get down and dirty. (Kill all 7 Saints members with the Fiber Wire) Challenge Locked
Mastery Attack of the Saints Challenge Mastery: Attack of the Saints You send Travis a message. (Complete all challenges for this mission)


  • With seven targets to be killed, "Attack of the Saints" has the highest number of targets of all Absolution missions.
  • In the objectives screen, the mission image depicts an eighth Saint.
  • A trailer for this mission was released, but it was merely cinematic having no similarity to gameplay. Also, similar to the objective screen, there are 8 Saints members, rather than 7.
  • This is the first mission in game that you encounter ICA members who are hostile to 47.
  • The civilians involved in the "Intervene" challenge are scripted to be killed only by the ICA troopers involved in each scene. Any other soldiers or Saints lured into their location will ignore them. Also if the player is spotted doing any act (such as dragging bodies, being visibly armed etc.). The civilians would not react to the player (like alerting enemies in most missions) since the player saved them. 47 will get "spotted" though and there is no way around this other than to get out of the civilian's sight before he spots him. On higher difficulty, its almost impossible to save the civillians without getting spotted.
  • The motel owner can be saved without 47's cover being blown, other NPCs will not react even though he will thank 47 for saving him.
  • The description for the "Intervene" challenge; Come with me if you want to live, is a reference to the quote from the Terminator films.


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Hitman Absolution - Attack of the Saints

Hitman Absolution - Attack of the Saints


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