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Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, is a country in Central Europe. It is worldwide famous for its mountains and food. Austria already appeared once throughout the Hitman series.


The Central European land that is now Austria was settled in pre-Roman times by various Celtic tribes. The Celtic kingdom of Noricum was later claimed by the Roman Empire and made a province. Present-day Petronell-Carnuntum in eastern Austria was an important army camp turned capital city in what became known as the Upper Pannonia province. Carnuntum was home for 50,000 people for nearly 400 years.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the area was invaded by Bavarians, Slavs, and Avars. Charlemagne, King of the Franks, conquered the area in AD 788, encouraged colonization, and introduced Christianity. As part of Eastern Francia, the core areas that now encompass Austria were bequeathed to the house of Babenberg. The area was known as the marchia Orientalis and was given to Leopold of Babenberg in 976.

The first record showing the name Austria is from 996, where it is written as Ostarrîchi, referring to the territory of the Babenberg March. In 1156, the Privilegium Minus elevated Austria to the status of a duchy. In 1192, the Babenbergs also acquired the Duchy of Styria. With the death of Frederick II in 1246, the line of the Babenbergs was extinguished.

As a result, Ottokar II of Bohemia effectively assumed control of the duchies of Austria, Styria, and Carinthia. His reign came to an end with his defeat at Dürnkrut at the hands of Rudolph I of the Holy Roman Empire in 1278. Thereafter, until World War I, Austria's history was largely that of its ruling dynasty, the Habsburgs, who made Austria into one of Europe's mightiest superpowers, stretching from the coast of Dalmatia and the hills of Bohemia all the way to the Carpathian mountains in Transylvania. However, the empire came to a harsh end after Austria's defeat in World War I: Formerly Austrian crown lands were ceded to newly formed independent states, like Poland, Czechoslovakia or Yugoslawia, an the Habsburgs were disposed and replaced with a Republican government. Since then, Austria played only a minor role on the global stage; Prior to World War II, it was annexed by Nazi Germany, and after the war it stayed neutral, neither identifying itself with the West nor with the East.

As of today, Austria is a small country with very high living standards located in the Alps, famous for its special culture, which differs mostly from Germany's because of its fine and exquisite touch: Austria is well known for its classical music, fine Viennese cuisine and imperial architecture, located in beautiful fairytale-like mountain landscapes.


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