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The Axe is a tool used commenly by lumberjacks to cut trees and wood.


"A lumberjack's tool."

The axe can be used as a weapon in several different ways. It can be swung into a targets head head-on, splitting it down the middle. It can be hooked around a targets neck from behind, and subsequently torn backwards. It can be driven into the ribs of a target, and torn out. Lastly, the axe may be thrown into the head of a target as a weapon, or thrown as a distraction.


Hitman: Absolution

  • A Personal Contract: In the gardens, stuck on a tree at the beginning (to the left of the round grill as you enter the area with the first guard in the mission).
  • The King of Chinatown: On the very right border of the map when you first enter; on a crate to the far left of the entrance to the alleyway to Snowman's apartment.
  • Shaving Lenny: Stuck in the wooden staircase near the scrapyard exit to the street; stuck on a dart board near the ledge in Barbershop.
  • Dexter Industries: Stuck on a tree stump in Dead End.
  • Attack of the Saints: Cornfield; Stuck to a log in the playground behind the Command Post.