The Bartoli 75R is a semi-automatic handgun chambered in 9mm, with a 12 round magazine. It is one of the most commonly available weapons in HITMAN™ and HITMAN 2™. It fires relatively quickly and has decent accuracy, which is traded off with very low damage. It does slightly more damage that the Bartoli 75S. It can kill most enemies with a single shot to the head, but will usually take 3-4 shots to the torso. Most NPCs can take a shot to a limb or torso and remain standing.


"A European light tactical pistol. Underpowered."
― In-game description




In the prologues Guided Training and Freeform Training you can find the weapon being carried by both Yacht Security guards and by Bodyguards. When spawning you can easily obtain one by heading to the east side of the yacht where three guards are standing. Climb through the window of the little house and then take out Jordan Chambers from behind. You can pick up both his weapon and disguise and then also hide his body in the closet inside the house.

The Final Test

In the prologue mission The Final Test, the pistol is carried by Airfield Security guards. It is also carried by the only KGB Officer on the map, Cilas Netzke.

The Showstopper

In The Showstopper mission, there is a Bartoli 75R pistol lying on a table inside the security room, in the south east corner of the basement. On level 2 there is a Bartoli 75R hidden underneath a sofa in the north western room with stairs leading up to the next floor. On the same level there is also another one hidden underneath the cushion of the bed inside the bedroom belonging to Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali's suite, which is the most north eastern room. On level 3 there is a Bartoli 75R lying on a table in the security center located in the south west part of the attic.

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