Manor also known as Beldingford Estate or Beldingford Manor is situated in an unknown location in England, United Kingdom. It is featured in Hitman: Contracts in the fourth mission, Beldingford Manor.


It was the house of a wealthy Englishman, Winston Beldingford and his son, Alistair Beldingford. They were both killed by 47 during his assault on the Manor. There were hunters that were also guests of Winston and Alistair. The two of them had kidnapped another Englishman, Giles Northcott, whom they had planned to hunt down like an animal alongside their fellow hunters.


Outside estate grounds

Being an old English style estate, Beldingford Manor is located in a rural wooded area next to a large river. The estate itself has horse stables, as well as tennis courts and a few stone built paddocks. Interestingly, the estate is so large that the Beldingfords can carry out their human hunting games without fear of being discovered and is so large that they do not expect their captives to be able to escape at all.




  • The manor is briefly mentioned by mansion staff in HITMAN's World of Tomorrow level. They discuss about films and mention a horror film named "The Haunting of Beldingford Manor".