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"Here's an odd one, 47. Our client's son, Giles Northcott, was recently abducted by Lord Winston Beldingford and Alistair Beldingford. The client wants his son freed and he wants both Beldingfords, father and son, taken out. There's a hunting party at the family manor this weekend and the guests should give you extra cover. There's been a high turnover on their domestic staff, so that may be another in, take care of business and get out of there 47."
Mission briefing[src]

Beldingford Manor is the 4th mission in Hitman: Contracts. Members of the Hitman Forum chose it as the best mission in the series in an October 2014 poll.[1]


47 is sent to a posh English manor to rescue Giles Northcott on the eve of a hunting party, in which he is to be the hunters' target. The party is hosted by wealthy Englishman Lord Beldingford and his son, Alistair. In addition to rescuing Giles, 47 is contracted to kill both Beldingfords. 

Mission Details

TARGET: Lord Winston Beldingford.

INFO: Lord Winston Beldingford is an eccentric old man of unpredictable temperament. He was a celebrated hunter in his youth so he's probably a good shot, former parlormaids describe him as amorous.

TARGET: Alistair Beldingford, Lord Winston's son and heir.

RESCUE: Giles Northcott

INFO: The Client describes his son as a promising academic without much savoir-faire and no interest what-so-ever in the hunt. Motive for the abduction remains a mystery.


Infiltrate Beldingford manor, assassinate Lord Winston Beldingford and his son Alistair and free their prisoner, Giles Northcott.

Northcott was recently abducted by the Beldingfords. No ransom has been requested and our client didn't want to involve the police. It's simple enough, but the client wants it done with a certain touch of class. He has accepted we have no information on where Northcott is being kept hostage. The Beldingfords are having a hunting party this weekend and guests are in the house. We'll get you there for a nocturnal approach, when most of the hunting party guests should be asleep. There has been high turnover on their domestic staff, so use the boat by the lake to leave the estate when you're done.



  • Firearms
    • GK17 - Carried by some of the guards.
    • Gold Desert Eagle - Carried by Alistair's hunting friend.
    • Sawn-off shotgun - Carried by Winston and Alistair Beldingford.
    • Double-barreled Shotgun - Carried by most of the guards, in a gun cabinet on the first floor, and two in the guest bedrooms on the second floor inside the manor.
    • Enforcer Sniper Rifle - Carried by the guard in the stable loft and inside a gun cabinet in the room north of where Alistair is at inside the manor.
    • Dual Magnum 500s - Bonus weapon for achieving a Silent Assassin rating.
  • Melee Weapons
    • Pool Cue - On second floor of manor near the pool table.
    • Fire Poker - Near fireplace in room where Alistair Beldingford is located.
    • Shovel - Located at the center of the garden maze.
    • Pillow - Can be used to smother Lord Winston Beldingford and the two sleeping hunting party members (sleeping maid can't be smothered).



  • Stable boy: Carries a stable key for gaining access to stable cells, useful for freeing Giles Northcott because Horses won't alert the guards. Strangely the stable boy disguise works in almost everywhere.
  • Butler: Good for poisoning Alistair Beldingford, useless otherwise.
  • Suit: Useful only for experienced players.


  • Outdoors: Can carry shotgun. Can only stay outside.
  • Indoors: Cannot carry an unconcealed weapon. Make sure other guards don't see your face. Can only stay inside.
  • Hunting party member: Cannot carry unconcealed weapon in Manor. Can carry shotgun outdoors. Can go almost anywhere.



Beldingford Manor (mission)/Walkthrough


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