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Big Kahuna is the elected leader of a council of biker gangs in Washington State, and a character in Hitman: Enemy Within.


He is described as having a broad, moonlike face, and having been a former wrestler with the girth to prove it. Unlike most of the bikers, he wears a white Yves Saint Leurant suit with designer sunglasses. It isn't stated, but his nickname implies that he is Hawaiian.

Role in Enemy Within

Many of the other bikers believe he is a selfish leader, and he has also made enemies of the Tumaco drug cartel. 47 impersonates Mel Johnson to gain access to the meeting, and his plan is to kill Kahuna with overpowered heroin, which he is known to use and sample during deals. However, Kahuna's female bodyguard Marla Norton (an undercover Puissance Treize agent), blows 47's cover, resulting in a hectic shootout between 47, Marla and all the bikers.

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