"Birdie. He took my Silverballers as payment for his services. Now, he is giving them back. For some reason, he is reaching out. Can I trust him? Or has his allegiance shifted towards more lucrative business partners? No matter. Before I go after Lenny, I will reclaim my weapons. I have been adrift for too long."
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Birdie's Gift is the eighth mission in Hitman: Absolution. It consists of a single segment, Gun Shop.

Mission Information

The mission takes place at a gun shop where the sole goal of Agent 47 is to recover his signature Silverballers. The owner tells him that they are not for sale, but offers them to him as a reward for beating a woman named Lilly Dukes at target shooting. 47 must score more than 471 points in 120 seconds if he wants his Silverballers back. Use Point Shooting and a weapon with a large magazine to help you. In higher difficulties, the time for point shooting is very limited, so use it wisely. The alternative is to steal the key to the case and take the Silverballers straight from the case. Inside, he also finds a note from Birdie.

The level is an excellent place for players to practice shooting. There are numerous firearms lying around, which can be picked up, carried around and fired at targets (in the firing ranges) without anyone becoming alarmed. There are two firing ranges: a large exterior one where human-shaped targets pop up and down, and a smaller interior one where the targets look like ducks. At the large firing range, there is an empty stall with an infinite pile of ammo. In Contracts Mode, the level can also be used to test custom firearms. Caution is advised when handling firearms in this level, if 47 starts a shootout, it will have a pretty bloody outcome - all NPCs except for one are packing firearms of their own.


  • Get the Silverballers
  • Leave the gunshop



  • HX AP-15 - In the gun store.
  • HX UMP - In the gun store.
  • Jagd P22G - In the gun store.
  • Kazo TRG - In a box around the corner from the dugout at the back of the main shooting range, can be accessed by going behind the counter up the stairs and then down from the balcony and past the artillery gun.
  • M590 12ga - Lynch carries this.
  • Mustang Snub - The store owner carries this. It can also be found on a counter near the entrance.
  • Pink Aries Charging Ram - In the lower room behind the counter and carried by Lilly.
  • SA .44 Auto - 47 starts with this weapon.
  • Swiss 3000 - In the gun store.
  • Ultramax - In the bunker on the side of the range.
  • Worn Z&M Model 60 - Carried by police officer.
  • Z&M Model 60 - Carried by police officer.

Melee Weapons

Cut from game

Cannon - on the ledge

Tank - On the side

Double barreled Shotgun - Glass case


  • Key - In the safe in the office past the shooting range, the safe requires code (notebook) to open.
  • Keycard - Behind the counter, required to open the bunker past the shooting range.
  • Notebook - In the bunker, code for the safe. Can also be found on Mr McGarmond (The owner, who is in the initial cutscene with 47)
  • Evidence - In the bunker.



Icon Name Description
Chameleon Challenge Chameleon Pick up the disguises.
Evidence Collector Challenge Evidence Collector Find the evidence.
Infiltrator Challenge Infiltrator Avoid getting spotted.
Suit Only Challenge Suit Only Avoid using disguises.
Depends On The Girl Challenge Depends on the Girl It's not about winning. It's about taking part. (Lose the shooting contest.)
Bullseye Challenge Bullseye Who are we kidding? Of course it's about winning. (Win the shooting contest with a sniper rifle.)
Assassins Signature Challenge Assassin's Signature Not bad. Not bad at all. (Obtain the Silverballers, and then use them to win the shooting contest - Score min of 650)
Ultramax Challenge Ultramax You just can't resist showing off. (Use the Ultramax, and use it to win the shooting contest.)
It Wouldnt Be Stealing Challenge It Wouldn't Be Stealing No receipt, but plenty of subtlety. (Obtain the Silverballers without participating in the shooting contest.)
Shiver Me Timbers Challenge Shiver Me Timbers Face it. You're a loose cannon. (Fire the cannon in the outdoor gun range by shooting its wick.)
Duck Hunting Challenge Duck Hunting They never let out a single quack. (Destroy 10 ducks in the indoor shooting range.)
Choosing Weapons Challenge Choosing Weapons Complete "Birdie's Gift".
Up Your Arsenal Part I Challenge Up Your Arsenal - Part 1 Stick to your guns. All of them. (Win the shooting contest by using a pistol or revolver, other than the SA .44 Auto or Silverballers.  These include JAGD P22G, Z&M Model 60, Swiss 3000, Mustang Snub, and Pink Aries Charging Ram.)
Up Your Arsenal Part II Challenge Up Your Arsenal - Part 2 Stick to your guns. All of them. (Win the shooting contest by using the Ultramax.) Challenge Locked
Up Your Arsenal Part III Challenge Up Your Arsenal - Part 3 Stick to your guns. All of them. (Use the M59012ga to win the shooting contest.) Challenge Locked
Mastery Birdies Gift Challenge Mastery: Birdie's Gift Reunited in every way. (Complete all the challenges for this mission)


  • Lynch from the Kane & Lynch series makes a cameo appearance in this mission. His partner Kane is seen in the previous mission, entitled Welcome to Hope, where he explains that his associate (Lynch) is in town buying "business equipment." In this level, Lynch is shooting at decorative gnomes instead of firing targets while cursing them and getting angry. A guard then comes to warn him to stop, then he continues.  After this cutscene plays, and the guard goes back to his post, shoot a gnome, to get him into trouble again.  If you repeat this one more time, Lynch will be told to go inside and calm down, and you can take the shotgun, which he leaves behind, to win the shooting contest.  The shotgun is, by far, the easiest weapon for the contest, because you can hit the target in three places with one shot (the ideal place to aim is between the head and chest area, and if you are lucky, you may get 20, 10, and 7 points all at once!).
  • The woman named Irene Durber found on this level uses the same model as Jenny Angulo from Terminus.
  • The Gun Shop is called McGarmond's Guns & Firearms yet in Contracts mode the owner's surname is S. Dukes. This is the same for Lilly even though her name is McGarmond on the scoreboard.
  • The gun shop sells a brand of accessories called "Lady Croft" most notably seen on the mat Lily is standing on, and a large duffel bag on a couch in the duck shooting range. This is likely a reference to Lara Croft, as Hitman: Absolution and the Tomb Raider series were both (at the time) owned by Square Enix after their acquisition of Eidos.
    • Lara, like 47, is frequently associated with dual wielding pistols.
  • Interestingly, if 47 completes the "It won't be Stealing" challenge without raising attention, nobody in the gunstore will notice 47 taking away his Silverballers.
  • Lenny Dexter's name can be seen on the scoreboard.
  • This is the only mission that the SA .44 Auto is 47's starting weapon and it is the second mission where the weapon appears overall.
  • This is the only mission where 47 is allowed to carry weapons visibly wherever he likes since most missions usually have a visibly armed sign whenever 47 wields a weapon when using the Suit. However, due to the "heavy armed" nature of this mission, if a gunfight starts, the mission can turn into a bloodbath very easily.
  • The shop owner can be seen in Hitman: Sniper Challenge.
  • So far in Hitman: Absolution, this level has the lowest highest possible rating.
  • Even though most areas are marked off as restricted, no disguise in the level can be used to remove this restriction.
  • It is impossible to steal the guns if any NPCs are on any level of alert.
  • If you are caught trespassing behind the counter and you take the keycard, your window to leave the restricted area instantly expires.
  • At on point in development the Cannon and Tank were usable but were cut do to unknown reasons.
  • In the small bunker there is a old portrait of Daisy holding her revolver.
  • The double barreled shotgun also was gonna be a usable weapon but was cut do to unknown reasons


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