Blackwater Park is a multistory apartment in Chicago. Its penthouse on the top floor was occupied by Blake Dexter and Layla Stockton till their deaths.


It is a very prestigious apartment building, the penthouse of which is one of Blake Dexter's residences. The building also has a roof with a helipad which is the setting for the next mission.

The penthouse is in a sense a large trophy room containing stuffed animals Dexter has presumably hunted, the skeleton of a whale he is said to have harpooned himself and a laser-guarded room full of medieval style weapons and a vial of U'wa Tribe Poison. There is also a display room with a mechanized miniature model of Dexter Industries and a number of weapons, including katanas, and also decorations such as old coins and broken antique six shooters. In one of the rooms, there is a panic room hidden behind a fake wall. The penthouse also houses Lenny Dexter's room, which at the time of the mission is empty and guarded since Lenny was left in the desert.



  • Blackwater Park may be located at 1000 N. Michigan Avenue, the Chicago address listed in Blake Dexter's ICA File as one of his residences. In real life, it is the approximate location of 1000 Lake Shore Plaza, also an extremely prestigious luxury condo tower.
  • The name might be a reference to the fifth album by Swedish metal band Opeth.
  • Curiously, the penthouse doesn't have a kitchen or any bathrooms.
  • The U'wa Tribe Poison is a reference to the eponymous group in Hitman: Codename 47