"Blackwater Park. A building under siege. Dexter will be expecting my arrival. I took his son. If he is mad enough to take on the Agency, would he also sacrifice Victoria to get back at me? I need to be careful. But one way or the other, this is where it ends."
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- - Blackwater Park is the 18th mission in Hitman: Absolution. It consists of 2 segments: Blackwater Park and The Penthouse.

Mission Plot

Dexter, who grows more unstable, tries to arrange a ransom meeting with Travis and Jade. As they meet, Dexter demands Travis the money in under three seconds, while restraining a girl (supposedly Victoria) with a bag over her head. To show how serious he is, Dexter shoots the girl, only to reveal that she was Mrs. Cooper. Travis and Jade are forced to give the money anyway, but Dexter doesn't keep his end of the exchange and leaves with both the money and Victoria, angering Travis. Dexter and Layla return to their penthouse and celebrate their success, only to realize that 47 is on his way to kill the pair. As 47 infiltrates the building, Dexter becomes extremely frustrated, but Layla ensures him that she will deal with the issue. Dexter then proceeds to the roof of the hotel. 47 enters the hotel with stealth and reaches the floor of Dexter's apartment. After killing Layla, 47 finds the panic room of the penthouse, which contains her phone. 47 then picks up Layla's phone and hears Dexter telling Layla, believing her to still be alive, to head to the rooftop of the hotel to escape. Victoria is then heard, attempting to struggle from Dexter, and it is revealed she is a genetically engineered test subject, just like 47.

Strangely enough, 47 can follow Layla in the Panic Room, resulting in a special cutscene.


  • Infiltrate Blackwater
  • Gain access to Dexter's penthouse
  • Locate Layla
  • Eliminate Layla
  • Locate the panic room




  • Baseball Bat - Inside Lenny Dexter's room.
  • Battle Axe - In the room with detection lasers, next to Lenny's room
  • Bong - Inside Lenny Dexter's room.
  • Bottle - Near projection room.
  • Coffee Mug - In the staff building in the Blackwater Park segment.
  • Fire Extinguisher - In the "staff only" entrance it can be found in the corner of the security room.
  • Fire Poker - Outside on the balcony.
  • Gasoline Can - Under a generator on the balcony.
  • Katana - In various weapon displays.
  • Knife - In basement.
  • Mace - In the room with detection lasers, next to Lenny's room
  • Morning Star - In the room with detection lasers, next to Lenny's room
  • Radio - Inside Lenny Dexter's room and near security office in the lobby.
  • Screwdriver - On the desk, near the movie projector.
  • Statue Bust -  in the main dining room where you poison the savge sushi turn right go up the stairs turn right again and go up the remaining stairs there on  the landing in the display case
  • Tomahawk - In the room with detection lasers, next to Lenny's room
  • War Hammer - In the room with detection lasers, next to Lenny's room
  • Wrench - On top of the rental exterior light generator next to the water pump and drain.


  • Keycard - In Lenny's room and on the computer desk, which is in the room just before Layla asks her guards to leave her alone
  • Proximity Mine - In the room with detection lasers, next to Lenny's room and the large room with the skeleton whale and harpoon gun
  • U'wa Tribe Poison - In the room with detection lasers, next to Lenny's room



For instructions to complete a specific challenge, click the corresponding image; or for a comprehensive instructions list, see Blackwater Park challenges
Icon Name Description
Chameleon Challenge Chameleon Pick up the disguises.
Evidence Collector Challenge Evidence Collector Find the evidence.
Infiltrator Challenge Infiltrator Avoid getting spotted.
Suit Only Challenge Suit Only Avoid using disguises.
Crash Course Challenge Crash Course Give the people what they want. (Obtain the movie reel and play it on the projector)
Laundry Day Challenge Laundry Day Let maintenance worry about it. (Dump 3 bodies in the laundry chute)
Horn of Plenty Challenge Horn of Plenty So many options, so little time. (Complete "Savage Sushi", "Bones", "Straight to the heart", "Fired up", "Mockingbird" and "Skin Trade")
You Can Manage Challenge You Can Manage If you want a job done right, do it yourself. (Wear the Blackwater Manager Disguise and have the head of security admit access to the elevator for you)
I Got My Eyes on You Challenge I Got My Eyes on You You have an eye for detail. (Subdue/Kill the head of security and use her body on the Retinal scanner for the elevator)
Hack n Backslash Challenge Hack'n'Backslash All those hours in front of the screen are finally paying off. (Override the Retinal scanner and access the elevator)
Mile High Club Challenge Mile High Club So many options, so little time. (Complete "You Can Manage", "I Got My Eyes on You" and "Hack'n'Blackslash").
Whaling Challenge Whaling Easy there, Ahab... (Kill 3 enemies with the harpoon gun)
Cetacea Challenge Cetacea So much for the silent approach. (Kill 5 enemies at once by dropping the skeleton whale)
Hallelujah Challenge Hallelujah It's raining men. (Dump 5 bodies off the Penthouse)
Savage Sushi Challenge Savage Sushi It's a classic. (Kill Layla by poisoning her sushi with U'wa Tribe poison)
Straight to the Heart Challenge Straight to the Heart She is hooked. Now reel her in. (Kill Layla by firing the harpoon gun at her)
Bones Challenge Bones It hit her like a ton of...whale. (Kill Layla by dropping the skeleton whale on her)
Fired Up Challenge Fired Up Why not? She was hot to begin with. (Kill Layla by throwing a gasoline can into the fireplace, whilst she is standing near it)
Mockingbird Challenge Mockingbird Watch out below. (Kill Layla by using a sniper rifle to shoot her off the Penthouse)
Skin Trade Challenge Skin Trade Rejection can be painful. (Kill Layla by entering the panic room, whilst she is inside)
Blue Collar Challenge Blue Collar You'll be in and out before they even know it. (Complete the mission, whilst wearing the Plumber Disguise and remaining undetected)
Hit Him Where it Hurts Challenge Hit Him Where it Hurts Complete "Blackwater Park."
Ronin Part I Challenge Ronin - Part I You bring great honor to your house. (Kill an enemy with the Katana, whilst wearing the Samurai Disguise and remaining unseen)
Ronin Part II Challenge Ronin - Part II You bring great honor to your house. (Kill 7 enemies with the Katana, whilst wearing the Samurai Disguise and remaining unseen) Challenge Locked
Ronin Part III Challenge Ronin - Part III You bring great honor to your house. (Kill Layla with the Katana, whilst wearing the Samurai Disguise and remaining unseen) Challenge Locked
Mastery Blackwater Park Challenge Mastery: Blackwater Park You've taken the fight to his doorstep. (Complete all challenges for this mission)


  • In the cutscene where Dexter and Layla learn of 47's arrival, both Victoria and Dexter are wearing the isotope necklace. Probably an oversight during the development.
  • Also, this cutscene will always show 47 wearing his suit on the bodyguard's phone, no matter what disguise he had on.
  • During the cutscene where Dexter and Travis attempt to negotiate Victoria's ransom, Dexter demands 10 million dollars for her release. Given his status as the CEO of a multimillion dollar arms company, this seems surprisingly low considering the risks taken to acquire her. It is implied that Dexter intended to make far more money by studying Victoria to develop new technologies.
  • In the ending cutscene, the bodyguards is seen using Agency ARZ 160 and Agency Tanto Knife despite not being related to the Agency.


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18. Blackwater Park - Part III - Hitman Absolution

Hitman Absolution - Blackwater Park

Hitman Absolution - Blackwater Park


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