The Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 Sniper (also known as "R93 Sniper") is a rifle featured in the Hitman series. It is a bolt-action sniper rifle. It is one of the series' most common sniper rifles, appearing in all games except Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution.


Hitman: Codename 47

Cost (weapon): $1,550 Cost (magazines): $2 per round Type: Bolt-action rifle Maximum ammo: 50 rounds.

The R93 Sniper is one of the two available sniper rifles in Hitman: Codename 47, alongside the Walther WA 2000. Due to its cost, it is the most common sniper rifle in the game. It is un-silenced, and operates through bolt-action.

It is available in the following missions:

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

On this game, The R93 has a 6-round magazine. It is available in the following locations:

Hitman: Contracts

In Hitman: Contracts the R93 is one of the game's rarest weapons, appearing only in two levels, and in both occasions wielded by enemy snipers. The rifle has a magazine capacity of five rounds.

It is available in the following locations:



  • Described by the crew at Eidos Interactive and IO Interactive as "the assassin's most lethal weapon".
  • It is based on Blaser Tactical.
  • It is the first sniper rifle encountered in the Hitman series, and also the first firearm with a scope attached
  • "Jagdwaffen" is the german word for "hunting weapons".
  • Despite having a silencer on the model in Contracts, the R93's gunfire is still loud and audible to the AI.
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