The Blowgun is a primitive but highly effective and silent weapon used by the U'wa tribe as their only line of defense.

The blowgun (also called a blowpipe or blow tube) was a simple weapon consisting of a small tube for firing light projectiles, or poisoned darts.


The weapon is used by inserting the dart inside the pipe (known as a blowgun) and uses the force created by one's breath to give the projectile momentum. Its propulsive power is limited by its user's respiratory muscles.


In certain cultures, the darts are usually dipped in poisons in order to paralyze the target. Blowguns were very rarely used by the U'wa tribe as anti-personnel weapons, but primarily to hunt small game such as monkeys. Today blowguns are used with tranquilizer darts to capture wildlife or to stun caged dangerous animals. Herpetologists use blowguns to capture elusive lizards with stun darts. Blowguns are also used recreationally, with either darts or paintballs.


Though it cannot be used by Agent 47 without using cheats, it does nevertheless appear in a few missions used by NPC's.


  • Unlike the Stun Gun and Chinese Sword, this weapon can be used by 47 if the player opens up the Codename 47 console and give the "giveall" command.
  • The design of the blow gun is based off the actual designs used by the tribe in real life.