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The Blue Lotus Triad were a group of Triads in Hong Kong who were involved in a gang war with the Red Dragon Triad instigated by Agent 47 so he could get close to Lee Hong in order to assassinate him.


Blue Lotus Emissary

Blue Lotus Emissary was a high-ranking member of the Blue Lotus triad. 47 had to eliminate two of the Blue Lotus emissaries. While nothing is said about them in Hitman: Codename 47, in Hitman: Contracts it is speculated that the first emissary, who is to be killed along with his escort, is the leader of the Blue Lotus triad. Both men also made an appearance in the remake missions from Hitman: Contracts.

Blue Lotus Negotiator

Blue Lotus Negotiators were part of the Blue Lotus Triad and were used to prevent gang wars. Two of them are killed by 47 in The Wang Fou Incident and The Seafood Massacre. One is also present in the mission Slaying a Dragon, but this one must live.