Body Containers are first introduced in Hitman: Blood Money, and improved in Hitman: Absolution. They can be used to contain knocked out or dead bodies in order to prevent the bodies being found.

Hitman: Blood Money

Body containers were only ones found on the floor such as boxes and fridges. Once a body is stowed in a body container, the disguise on the body is lost. Bodies can be also be disposed of by being dumped in areas that can contain an infinite amount of them, but this will also kill the body. These include garbage trucks, shark pools and manholes.

Hitman: Absolution

Body containers take the form of boxes, cabinets, closets, lockers, bins, laundry chutes, outhouses, wood chippers, bathtubs, manholes and plastic ball pits.

Unlike in Blood Money, once bodies are stowed in a container, disguises can be retrieved. Aside from disguises, any thrown weapon stuck in a stowed body can also be retrieved.

Laundry chutes and manholes have the unique characteristic of holding an unlimited number of bodies; however, score is not rewarded for dumping bodies in them. For this reason, laundry chutes should be used sparingly when aiming for improving mission scores.

Bodies can also be disposed off by being thrown off tall buildings, into oil pools or into blood pools containing pig parts, but this will kill them.

The plastic ball pit in the central nursery of Rosewood has the unique characteristic of holding a maximum of 8 bodies; 2 on each of its 4 sides. A similar bathtub appears in Run For Your Life. Outhouses Appear in Attack of the Saints, in the Cornfield area. They are identical to closests but they can only hold one body at a time. Some levels, such as Absolution, contain woodchippers which only hold one body at a time, but can be used to shred bodies to a pulp, this will obviously kill the victim though.



Hitman: Absolution

  • When two bodies are stored in a tall two-body cabinet, they will form a sexual pose.