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A Bottle is a rigid container with a neck that is narrower than the body and a "mouth".


"An empty glass bottle."

Bottles can be used to kill a target by smashing it into a target's head, either head-on or from behind. Alternatively, they may also be thrown and used as a distraction. They are among the most abundant melee weapons and distractions. Once dropped, it will break and cannot be retrieved.

There are two different styles of bottles. The first is the standard, green glass, Storm Brave beer bottle. The second is a clear glass, Charlie Chipmunk Hot Sauce secret recipe bottle.


Hitman: Absolution

  • The King of Chinatown: Various locations; on the kiosk straight ahead after entering Chinatown.
  • Terminus: Various locations; main floor, in the same room as the elevator on a dresser.
  • Run For Your Life: Various Locations; some can be found in front of the bum at the start.
  • Hunter and Hunted: Near the bum in the Courtyard, almost everywhere in the Vixen Club and Dressing Rooms, various places in the Loading Area and numerous places in the Chinese New Year.
  • Welcome to Hope: Both types of bottles can be found in this mission; first can be found in various locations; second can be found on the bar in the back, opposite the bartender.
  • Shaving Lenny: On a table in the alley where the mission begins.
  • Dexter Industries:
  • Death Factory: In the party celebration in Decontamination area.
  • Fight Night: Various locations; on the bars surrounding the arena.
  • Attack of the Saints:
  • Operation Sledgehammer:
  • Blackwater Park: Behind the lockers in the back hallway, near the projection room.


  • The first bottle's brand name is Storm Brave Beer.
  • The second bottle's brand name is Charlie Chipmunk Hot Sauce.


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