Bradley Paine is a target in mission The Vector, a bonus mission in HITMAN™. He is the medical doctor and the sleeper agent of the doomsday cult "Liberation."


Bradley Paine is a Boston-educated medical doctor and expert virologist. He has worked on a number of viral outbreaks in recent years, and is part of the response-pool of experts connected to the Center for Disease Control, in Atlanta.

Following a brush with death during a field expedition to locate the source of a particularly lethal strain of Septem's Disease, he became convinced that plagues were an expression of the will of some unknowable yet welcoming deity. It appears that his role in Nabazov's plan is not to spread the disease, but to actively hinder the C.D.C's. attempt to control it.


  • During his route around the compound, he will talk to the infected soldiers. This will help to locate the infected targets to eliminate.
  • He was apparently planned to an elusive target; "The Conditioner", according to a list of leaked elusive targets on the Hitman Reddit.
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