Brat Charliego Sidjan is the identical twin brother of Charlie Sidjan whom Agent 47 mistakes to be Charlie Sidjan himself. He is assassinated in the Lower Basement of the Petronas Towers by Agent 47.


Born in Indonesia (possibly Sumatra), it is unknown how he became involved in the foundation of Carniwarez Inc. Computer Systems, and how he was recruited by his brother.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Brat, along with his twin brother had managed to steal an extremely valuable piece of software. It worked as a key signature in military software, and was until recently the exclusive property of the US Government. With this nifty piece of software in the hands of an adversary, any incoming missile will be detected as American, which renders an otherwise clever missile shield worthless.

Having stolen it, Brat attempted to crack the software in his basement, only to be assassinated by Agent 47, who mistook him for his twin brother.


  • Unlike his brother, who likes women's attention, he enjoys staying in the basement, drinking soda, eating chips and pizza and doing his computer-hacking job there.
  • It is assumed that he is the real "brains" behind the missile key software due to his workaholic ethics and compared to his brother's "party" lifestyle.