The Bronson M1928 is a sub machine gun that uses a heavy .45 rounds and has a low rate of fire. Originally, it was an exclusive pre-order bonus if the pre-order of Absolution was made from Best Buy or Amazon UK. The gun has since been made available for purchase separately through Xbox Live Marketplace (80 MSP), PlayStation Store ($0.99), and Steam ($0.99) as a DLC.

It is also a part of the Suit and Gun Collection DLC available on Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Store, and Steam.


"A classic, dependable SMG. Chambered for a heavy .45 round and low rate of fire; this gun is remarkably controllable, and very deadly."

This .45 ACP SMG is based upon the historic Thompson M1928A1, which was a late-production redesign of the Thompson Model 1928 with changes that included a horizontal front grip to replace the traditional vertical pistol grip, and the mounts for a military sling to be installed. Ordered into production by the U.S. Government specifically to be delivered as part of the wartime lend-lease program to allies including China, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom, the M1928A1 was also issued to U.S. forces. It was used by military as late as the Vietnam War. It featured interchangeable 18, 20, or 30 round box magazines, and a 50 or 100 round drum magazine, though the box magazines were the preferred magazine due to the greater weight of the drum magazine and it being prone to jamming during extended fire.


  • The Bronson M1928's pre-order DLC pack also included the Public Enemy disguise that completes the gangster look.
  • Even though the gun uses the drum magazine, the magazine only holds 30 rounds.



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