Brother Akram is a target in mission The Author, a bonus mission in HITMAN™. He is a member of the doomsday cult "Liberation."


Brother Akram is a high-ranking cult operative. He is a key to Nabazov's plan, and centrally involved in the development of the viral weapon. He was on the move for several weeks before the kill-switch was triggered, indicating an alarming degree of trade-craft. He then traveled to Sapienza to meet with author Craig Black, and hand over the virus to him.

Akram's background is unclear. His name indicates Central-Asian heritage, and intercepted intelligence between the two indicates that he and Oybek Nabazov knew each other before the formation of the cult.


  • He is one of the few targets in HITMAN™ that 47 can disguise as.
  • In a list of leaked elusive targets in Hitman Reddit, there is an unreleased elusive target called The Operative: Mi Cha Sun. Since Diana called Brother Akram the cult operative, Mi Cha Sun might be the first prototype of Brother Akram.
  • His clothes are similar to the cult bodyguards in The Source.
  • He first appeared in "The Source" as one of Nabazov's bodyguards. This makes him the first target in the franchise, who could be killed in a another mission.