The Bull .480 is a handgun in Hitman: Blood Money.


It is a large-caliber, six-shot revolver. Chambered for the powerful .480 catridge, 1-2 shots is all it takes to take enemies down. It also has great penetration capability as well as excellent accuracy, given its long barrel. However, it has a low rate of fire and magazine capacity, as well as a longer reload time. This, along with the fact that ammo for this weapon is scarce, means that this weapon is not suitable for firefights. It is recommended to bring the Silverballer (with magnum ammo) or the Desert Eagle instead.


  • A New Life - On Vinnie Sinistra. Ammo can be found in a box on the coffee table near Vinnie's black arm chair and on two boxes in the closet behind his chair (this is also the place where Vinnie hides during a panic). You can see him pull out his gun if you follow him to second floor. If he is dead and the FBI agent dragged him, you still can get the gun via the body bag.
  • Death on the Mississippi - On 5 of the 6 Gator Gang members and in a weapons cache in the staff floor.



  • The Bull .480's real-life counterpart is the Taurus Raging Bull revolver, which indeed has a .480 Ruger variant, though most Raging Bull revolvers are chambered in .44 Magnum or .454 Casull.
  • The Taurus Ranging Bull that uses a smaller caliber, the Aries Charging Ram, is available in Absolution.
  • The Bull .480 has the largest caliber of any handgun in Blood Money, and the second largest in the entire series, beaten only by the Magnum 500.
  • The Bull ammo box uses the same model as the magnum ammo box. That might explain why magnum ammo was omitted in the hideout.