The Butler outfit is a outfit that can be found in Hitman: Contracts, HITMAN and HITMAN™ 2.



  • World of Tomorrow - Worn by the butler of Villa Caruso. As butler 47 has access to most parts of Villa Caruso including the garden. Only the observatory building, Silvio’s private quarters , Silvio’s office and the attic are still restricted areas. Several people inside the mansion, especially on the second floor, can see through this disguise  


  • The Ark Society - Worn by Constantin the loyal butler of both the former and the current Constant. Disguised as butler 47 gains access to the gallery, memorial room, area around the stone circle, everywhere in the tower citadel and the VIP lounge.
  • The Last Resort - Worn by the butler of Tyson William. The disguise allows access to the staff areas of the gym building and all rooms of the villa except for the secret office and the security office.

Related Challenges

Name Mission Type Description
Pipe And Slappers The Ark Society Pacify 10 people with a Lead Pipe while disguised as a Butler.
Pressed And Ironed The Ark Society Eliminate someone with the Iron Maiden while disguise as the Butler.
Serve The Artillery The Ark Society Pacify 5 people with a Canonball while diguised as a Butler.
Tea Is Served The Ark Society Eliminate someone with Poison while disguised as a Butler.
The Master's Belongings The Ark Society Acquire the Burial Dagger while disguised as a Butler.


The Butler outfit appears in the following missions:

Hitman: Contracts




  • If either Doctor Oscar Lafayette or 47 disguised as him enters the mansion and talks with the butler he’ll escort them into Sivlio’s private quarter, despite the fact that 47 himself isn’t allowed inside when dressed as the butler.
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