The C4 Brick is a plastic explosive, namely C-4, in the shape of a brick. The C4 Brick is a very powerful explosive that has a very large blast radius.


"Explosives fitted with a time delayed detonator."

Primarily used as a direct weapon, it can also be used to trigger accidents. It has a 15 second delay between throwing it and it detonating. Alternatively, it can be used as a melee weapon by bashing it into the face of a target.


  • Fight Night: In the room adjacent to the gun storage room on the second level of the arena, a keycard is required to enter that area.


  • It takes up the melee weapon slot, rather than the explosives slot; essentially, a C4 Brick and a Remote Explosive can be carried simultaneously.
  • It is the only time delayed explosive in the game, though unable to be remotely detonated like RU-AP mine, but it can still cause heavy damage if timed well.