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CICADA is a private military company that is active worldwide. Their job is to protect, extract, or eliminate assigned VIP's, no matter the cost. While site security is one service that they offer, and are often encountered as guards on missions, they are far more and function essentially as a private army for hire.


In the 1990s, CICADA was active in the Bosnian War, with its SIGMA unit being the most notable. They committed war crimes during the bloody Siege of Sarajevo, but got away with it, due to their influence.

From around the mid-2000s to roughly 2013, Lucas Grey was CICADA's head of on-the-ground operations in the Middle East and Horn of Africa, his last job before becoming bodyguard and head of security for Eugene Cobb.

In 2019, Dalia Margolis and Viktor Novikov hired many CICADA mercenaries that unfortunately failed to protect them during their Sanguine fashion show. They were also hired by Ether to safeguard the development of a weaponized virus, also resulting in a mission failure.

Around 2021, CICADA operatives on Arthur Edwards' orders were sent to the English forest near Dartmoor to capture Lucas Grey alive, but failed when Grey committed suicide.

A CICADA black site in Mongolia was the intended destination for The Mortar, a former Soviet military train and the Ether Biotech Corporation's retro-fitted mobile field lab. Agent 47 was due to be experimented on after the administration of a new Ether serum. The same unit that pursued Lucas Grey was stationed on the train to protect Arthur Edwards, suggesting that by the end of the game's timeline CICADA works directly for Providence.