The CICADA Bodyguard outfit is worn by bodyguards at Palais de Walewska, on the mission The Showstopper. Being a high-tier disguise, CICADA bodyguards are given full access to the entire palace (aside from the runway)


The CICADA bodyguard uniform consists of a black suit, a black shirt, a purple tie with silk pocket square and a diamond lapel pin.


The CICADA bodyguard outfit appears in the following missions:



  • This outfit is a high-tier disguise, as CICADA bodyguards maintain full access to the entire manor.
  • While a useful disguise for certain parts of the exterior of the palace, it is not useful for accessing the upper floors, as each pair of CICADA bodyguards who man the staircases contains an enforcer and will see through the disguise.
  • Viktor Novikov will always see through this disguise.
  • Initially, the generic Bodyguard disguises in World of Tomorrow and A Gilded Cage looked identical to the CICADA Bodyguard outfit. They were eventually updated to look different.
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