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The Cane Sword is a long, thin sword used and carried by Vaana Ketlyn, notably, at the Club Hell. The blade is concealed inside to camouflage it as a cane.


The Cane Sword is only available for use in A Dance with the Devil and cannot be taken into any other missions. Also, guards will recognize it if 47 carries it and it's unconcealable, making it one of the least useful weapons in the game.


Agent 47 stabs it into the victim's back, moves it around, and takes it out.



  • The description says "This sword, used by man or woman, is disguised as a Cane and is a very powerful weapon, in two slashes, it will kill your target"
  • Although it is disguised as a Cane, 47 will not hold it like one. He will hold it like a Sword, and it will attract the attention of guards and civilian alike wherever you carry it.