Carol Anne is a minor character featured in Death of a Showman in Hitman: Blood Money. She is Joseph Clarence's niece, assistant and secretary in the Southland Amusement Park.

She is seen talking to him at one point, during which her drink can be poisoned. She regularly flirts with the gangster who stands outside the office, much to Clarence's dismay.


She only appears in the first mission of Hitman: Blood Money, entitled Death of a Showman. She wears a white tube top, pink skirt and pink high heels.

Death of a Showman

The mission being a tutorial level, the purpose of her character is only for the player to test out a death via Poison Syringe used on her soda bottle, which kills her after drinking it. Although she is involved in Clarence's criminal activities and even flirts with a gangster, she is called an "innocent bystander" in the newspaper that appears at the end of the mission.