This page is used to categorize all the targets in HITMAN™ 2, including the Elusive Targets. Owners of the HITMAN Legacy Pack also have access to HITMAN™ targets.

Missions Target(s)
Nightcall Alma Reynard The Mastermind
The Finish Line Sierra Knox The Daredevil
Robert Knox The Inventor
Three-Headed Serpent Rico Delgado The Boss
Andrea Martinez The Face
Jorge Franco The Cook
Chasing a Ghost The Maelstrom The Ghost
Vanya Shah The Queen
Dawood Rangan The Showman
Another Life Janus The Past
Nolan Cassidy The Present
The Ark Society Zoe Washington The Socialite
Sophia Washington The Schemer
Golden Handshake Athena Savalas The CEO
Sniper Assassin Missions Target(s)
The Last Yardbird Dorian Lang The Red Robin
Guillaume Maison The Kingfisher
Doris Lee The Goldfinch
The Pen and the Sword Jin Noo The Blade
Lhom Kwai Dragon Eye
Re Thak Spider Lily
Special Assignments Target(s)
Embrace Of The Serpent Blair Reddington The Poacher
Illusions Of Grandeur Basil Carnaby The Illusionist
Bonus Missions Target(s)
Hokkaido Snow Festival Dmitri Fedorov
Elusive Targets
Mark Faba The Undying
Vicente Murillo The Revolutionary
Miranda Jamison The Appraiser
Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating The Politician
Mark Faba The Undying Returns
Legacy Elusive Targets
Ji-Hu The Fugitive
Owen Wagner The Black Hat
Adalrico Candelaria The Prince
Anthony L. Troutt The Deceivers
Richard J. Magee
Philip Giggles The Entertainer
Bartholomew Argus The Badboy

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