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This page is used to categorize all the missions in HITMAN™.

The Main Campaign and Patient Zero Columns are listed in chronological order.

Bonus Missions are listed by order of release

The Sarajevo Six is exclusive to the Playsation4 version of HITMAN™. Unlike the vast majority of content featured in HITMAN™, therefore the contracts cannot be imported into HITMAN™ 2, even for Playstation4 owners.

Elusive Targets are limited time only missions that only allow the player to kill the target once before disabling the ability to restart.

Main Campaign Patient Zero Bonus Missions Sarajevo Six Elusive Targets
Guided Training The Source The Icon The Director The Forger
Freeform Training The Author A House Built on Sand The Enforcer The Congressman
The Final Test The Vector Holiday Hoarders The Extractor The Prince
The Showstopper Patient Zero Landslide The Veteran The Sensation
World of Tomorrow The Mercenary The Gunrunner
A Gilded Cage The Controller The Twin
Club 27 The Wildcard
Freedom Fighters The Broker
Situs Inversus The Black Hat
The Pharmacist
The Fixer
The Identity Thief
The Ex-Dictator
The Chef
The Angel of Death
The Guru
The Food Critic
The Chameleon
The Blackmailer
The Warlord
The Surgeons
The Bookkeeper
The Paparazzo
The Badboy
The Fugitive
The Entertainer

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