This page is used to categorize all the targets in HITMAN™, including the Elusive Targets, and the PS4-exclusive Sarajevo Six.

Mission Target(s)
Freeform Training Kalvin Ritter
The Final Test Jasper Knight
The Showstopper Viktor Novikov The Moneyman Dalia Margolis The Mastermind
The World Of Tomorrow Silvio Caruso The Genius Francesca De Santis The Scientist
A Gilded Cage Claus Hugo Strandberg The Banker Reza Zaydan The General
Club 27 Jordan Cross The Rockstar Ken Morgan The Lawyer
Freedom Fighters Sean Rose The Commander Ezra Berg The Interrogator
Penelope Graves The Analyst Maya Parvati The Instructor
Situs Inversus Erich Soders The Herald Yuki Yamazaki The Watchman
Bonus Missions Target(s)
The Icon Dino Bosco The Thespian
A House Built on Sand Kong Tuo-Kwang The Contractor Matthieu Mendola The Architect
Holiday Hoarders Harry "Smokey" Bagnato Marv "Slick" Gonif
Landslide Marco Abiatti The Politician
Patient Zero Target(s)
The Source Oybek Nabazov Sister Yulduz
The Author Craig Black Brother Akram
The Vector Bradley Paine
Patient Zero Owen Cage Klaus Liebleid
Elusive Targets
Codename Name Codename(Cont.) Name(Cont.)
The Forger Sergei Larin The Chef Gabriel Santos
The Congressman Anthony L. Troutt The Angel of Death Etta Davis
The Prince Adalrico Candelaria The Food Critic Wen Ts'ai
The Sensation Jonathan Smythe The Chameleon Richard M. Foreman
The Gunrunner Vito Đurić The BlackMailer Walter Williams
The Twin Dylan Narváez The Warlord Adeze Oijofor
The Broker Howard Moxon The Doctor Pavel Frydel
The Black Hat Owen Wagner The Surgeon Akane Akenawa
The Guru Richard J. Magee The Bookkeeper Pertti Järnefelt
The Fixer Xander Haverfoek The Paparazzo Kieran Hudson
The Identity Thief Brendan Conner The Badboy Bartholomew Argus
The Ex-Dictator Richard Ekwensi The Fugitive Ji-Hu
The Gold-Digger Inez Ekwensi The Entertainer Mr. Giggles
The Pharmacist Nila Torvik The Wild Card Gary Busey

The Sarajevo Six

Codename Name
The Director Scott Sarno
The Enforcer Gary Lunn
The Extractor Walter Menard
The Veteran John Stubbs
The Mercenary Patrick Morgan
The Controller Taheiji Koyama

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